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The Downtown Report Early March 2023

The Downtown Report Early March 2023

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As we continue to delve into the history of Fullerton, the Chapman name comes up again and again.

The Chapman building remains the most imposing structure downtown, as it was back in 1928 when upon completion, it was the tallest building in all of Orange County.

Anyone with knowledge about Charles Chapman knows about his success but most likely thinks that Johnny Appleseed is just a legend. In truth, John Chapman was Charles Chapman’s ancestor, born in Massachusetts in 1774, known as Johnny Appleseed after he introduced apple trees to large areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and West Virginia.

There is even a museum in his name in Urbana, Ohio. So why would someone gain fame and fortune by simply sowing seeds across many states? Much like Charles, who earned fame and fortune via Valencia Orange Trees, John became a successful businessman, buying and selling many parcels of land on which he planted his seeds. He ultimately ended up with about 1200 acres, yet wore ‘pauper’s clothing’ and went barefoot, unshaven, with long, dark hair, and often slept in the woods. He was also a vegetarian. Hey, I think I know that guy.

The kicker to this story is that the apples he grew were used to make hard apple cider, not for eating. We’ll just leave that right there.

Scout Troop 97

Scout Troop 97

Scout Troop 97 on an outing

Scout Troop 97 on an outing

Love Fullerton

Well, do ya? We had over 300 We Love Fullerton banners all over town years ago, so we know you care. Since you do, consider heading to Morningside Presbyterian Church at 1201 Dorothy Lane on Saturday, March 11, from 7:30 am to 11 am.

Indulge in as many pancakes as you can handle. Add eggs, sausage, juice, coffee, and water if you like, and help Troop 97 support scouting outings and activities this year.

This troop has been here for 60 years, and we should all come out to meet them and their families while doing some good. Feed yourself for a worthy cause for only $12.



It’s time for our yearly Titan report from Tom Elliott. Here is hoping we have another parade downtown soon, GO TITANS.

“After a soggy start to the current CSUF Titan baseball season, I am optimistic about our team and their season going forward.

We had an impressive opening-day victory against #3-rated Stanford. Head coach Jason Dietrich and his staff have instilled a confident and veteran attitude that has his players believing in the long-held concept of ‘Titan Baseball.’

This year may prove to be the first step to getting the Titan brand back to National recognition and the level for which we are known.

Go to for schedule and ticket information.

This is great local baseball at the right price. See you at Goodwin Field.”

Fullerton Musical Heritage

Waterspout to the west of us, tornado to the north, snow in our local foothills and on our nearby Pacific sands, massive rain showers and drifts of the never before heard of graupel, and yet, in the midst of all of this mayhem, a confirmation from a former Fullerton College student from his home in Idyllwild as he peered outside wondering if he might be snowed in.

Singer/songwriter Tim Buckley, dubbed one of the “Orange County Three” along with Steve Noonan and Jackson Browne, had indeed washed dishes at El Capitan Mexican Restaurant on Harbor in 1966 and ’67. He also very briefly attended Fullerton College.

According to Bill Sheppard, himself a well-known lead singer for local favorites The Stack- nobody on the kitchen crew believed Tim really was a musician. They found out soon enough when he released a string of well-received albums. Sadly, he passed away in 1975 but left behind a musical legacy that lives on, as well as a gifted son. Jeff Buckley was an incredible singer in his own right but tragically also died long before his time. If you are unfamiliar with either of them, it’s worth checking them out.

Start with “Song To The Siren,” which Tim performed live in 1968 on the final episode of “The Monkees” TV Show, or find “Hallelujah” by Jeff, both on YouTube.

Photo Quiz

Send answers to Mike at

fpd signLast time:

Sorry, nice try, readers, but not from the 1930s, 40s, or even ’50s. This sign was first installed in the ’60s after the FPD moved the front desk from the side of the building to the current location.

This time:

What was the name of the Mexican restaurant that was once across the street from this, long before Sit ‘n Sleep took up residence?



Tommy Lasorda Memorial Highway Dedication and West Fullerton Little League Opening Day were celebrated

At the West Fullerton Little League opening day celebration, Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva held a special ceremony honoring Tommy Lasorda’s wonderful contributions to the State of California and the world of baseball. Quirk-Silva said, “When I was in Junior High School, Tommy Lasorda visited my school to speak to us. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to see a Dodger. His generosity provided an opportunity for kids, such as myself, to attend a Dodger game. He was a generous humanitarian with boundless enthusiasm who always made time to help his community whenever asked. His legacy will live on in the local community.