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Authorities investigating officer involved shooting in Fullerton

photo by Gaston Castellanos

A shooting involving a Placentia Police officer occurred in Fullerton on Tuesday, April 25, 2023.

According to the Fullerton Police Department, detectives with the Placentia Police Department were investigating a stalking case and attempted to contact the suspect when an officer-involved shooting occurred in the 3300 block of Yorba Linda Blvd. in Fullerton.

Although the incident took place in Fullerton, it was a police officer from Placentia who was involved in the shooting.

The suspect was taken to a local hospital, where he is expected to survive.

The officer was not injured.

Law enforcement is investigating the police shooting stemming from a stalking case in Fullerton.


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  1. “Officer-involved shooting” or in other words copaganda for an officer firing his gun… This “press release” might as well has been written by the police department… What a joke! This is NOT journalism.