Fullerton College 7th annual Earth Day Symposium

The Fullerton College Sustainability Committee hosted the 7th annual Earth Day Symposium from Tuesday, April 18, through Thursday, April 20. The Symposium featured internationally renowned geologist, science historian, and author Naomi Oreskes at the College’s first Symposium back on campus since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The April 20 event hosted at the Campus Theater drew 375 participants either in the venue or on the live stream. Dr. Oreskes discussed material from her new book, The Big Myth, about corporations and politicians’ influence over the zeitgeist of 20th-century America’s perceptions of capitalism and freedom. These perceptions of the free market have created a social stigma against corporate regulation from the Federal government and helped to create a political environment that is unresponsive to climate change policies.

Fullerton College Earth Day Symposium was only the main event of a larger Earth Week Celebration held throughout the week. On Tuesday, April 18, a movie night was held to prepare students for Dr. Oreskes’ lecture. “Merchants of Doubt,” a documentary of her book of the same name, was played. The film focused on the industry of misinformation cultivated by the tobacco industry, which oil corporations are still using to stop legislation on climate change to this day.

Around 25 community members attended with blankets and chairs to enjoy an evening on campus. Fullerton College Associated Students provided snacks and refreshments.

If you want to promote sustainability on the Fullerton College campus, please join us for our Fall Community Resource Fair on August 30th and 31st, 2023, to kick off the new semester! Contact:

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