Troy High student starts new artist collective

Complete with workshops, galleries, and a newsletter, The Open Lid Collective, created by youth artist Zoey Bahng, a 16-year-old Troy High School Student, recognizes the struggle to find opportunities and a community to share creativity.

Launched on January 1, the collective was born through a family discussion in late December, where Bahng and her family gathered papers and whiteboards to plan what would become the OLC. Their initial process began with creating their logo, mission statement, theme, website, and social media accounts. “Open Lid” came from an avant-garde phrase representing the free-spirited collective.

Bahng did not want the collective to be viewed as a “strict organization” but as a community. She recognized the stigma in the art community that requires art to be complex and profound. This realization was a leading contender to the creation of the OLC and an inspiration for simple artistic activities within their workshops, breaking down the barriers of what “art” really is in regard to critics.

Each aspect of the collective was curated to fit the needs of young artists across Orange County. One of their main events is their workshops, which allows the artist community to collaborate in a social setting and discuss their current pieces. Bahng’s main goal for the workshops was to focus on simplicity, providing snacks and activities for the artists.

Some of their previous workshops have included creating 2023 mood boards and scrapbooking in light of the new year. These workshops are free to enter for all young artists and have had attendance from students all over OC. The OLC also hosts gallery opportunities, which are very scarce and difficult to find for many young artists.

On April 22, Bahng partnered with the Aquarium of the Pacific on their teen climate and earth day festival to display the art of OLC members. Twenty-two pieces were chosen from many OC applicants and displayed along the aquarium’s main hall. The OLC also hosted a workshop for gallery artists to create descriptions for and introduce their art. Artists were also allowed free entry into the festival to view their work, which many other aquarium guests saw.

This exposure is precious to many young artists, and the OLC creates a perfect environment for them. With a mission to “highlight and empower the creativity of youth artists by creating a space to build community and find resources,” the OLC supports artists all over OC.

Their Instagram @openlidcollective contains links to their newsletter and provides information for upcoming events.

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