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Huntington Beach City Council withdraws from the Orange County Power Authority

Statement from OCPA Chair Fred Jung

We [the OCPA board] are deeply disappointed with the Huntington Beach City Council’s reckless action to withdraw from the Orange County Power Authority (OCPA). This eliminates the opportunity for Huntington Beach to take bold steps against climate change and strips away renewable energy choices from its residents and businesses.

SCE plans to increase electricity rates by another 45% by 2030. By choosing to stay with OCPA, Huntington Beach businesses, and residents have the ability to select OCPA’s Basic Choice renewable energy plan, which costs 2% less than SCE and offers more renewable energy.

Huntington Beach families and businesses want and deserve an alternative to the decades-long fossil fuels-powered SCE monopoly. Huntington Beach has put politics ahead of the health and well-being of those who call Huntington Beach home.

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  1. Face it Fred, you are full of *$it. If you had done the right things before the multiple atrocious audits, may be things would fare better for the OCPA. Alas, the rights things were avoided or not done and instead lip service and monkey business were provided. Hence, you and your colleagues have taken the agency to the precipice. Don’t forget to turn off the lights. And I hope Farrah doesn’t stab you in the back. Or maybe she already did.

  2. You need alternative power when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow and the rainless months leave reservoirs dry. My solar produced less than half the potential production during the rainy months in January and February. The alternative power? guess.

    • “You need alternative power when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow and the rainless months leave reservoirs dry.”


      Solar and wind are reliably variable. We know they’re variable, so they’re completely understood in that regard. But they vary within a range and engineers can certainly design systems to buffer against a variable.

      It just means you have to have a varied portfolio of sources (solar, wind, hydro, nuclear), emergency backup (natural gas), grid scale storage to buffer and time shift energy, and long transmission lines (since it’s generally windy or sunny *somewhere*).

      Of course this has nothing to do with OCPA and HB withdrawing.

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