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Observers around the world and Fullerton park challenge

Observer Community Photo Challenge: Get to know your parks

Send us a photo of yourself or a group with the current Observer at a local park. Include names, locations, the photographer’s name, and the best or worse thing about the park; for a full list of parks, go to the City of Fullerton Parks and Recreation website. Send entries to: See you in the paper!

Early and Mid-May 2023 Entries.

Here is a picture of me with the sign for a park you did not mention, Union Pacific Park. It has a fence around it, and inside is a picnic area with grills, a sliding board, and a basketball net. Homeless people like to make it their home. It is at 100 West Truslow Ave.
Walt Rountree

Thank you for the new lights at the park and handball courts. On the left, Andrew Stirdivant with Miguel on the right, and the Sunday morning handball players in the background. Young, old, and everything in between, we all have a common ground, and that’s the love for the game. Independence Park (aka “Valencia” because on the handball side of town, parks are referred to by street name) is located at 801 West Valencia Dr, Fullerton.
Andrew Stirdivant of Fullerton

Observers around the world

Where in the World is Councilmember Ahmad Zahra? Hint: England and Syria




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