Suzie B’s Photos

Forty-three guests attended the private showing of Suzanne Bobbett’s (Susie) first exhibit of her photographs. Susie was busy placing “blue dots” on sold pieces purchased/reserved for enthusiastic collectors. I was invited to attend. Susie shared her 25 framed photos.

Her subject is primarily tranquil landscapes with beautiful skies, sea, and vegetation. Starting about four years ago, she began to take photos on her iPhone, and her family started noticing her talent. She lives in an inspiring location to view “plein air” subjects and when she travels with her family (California to Ireland). She has an eye for capturing a moment in time.

The joy of photography has helped her to overcome Downs Syndrome. Susie and her mother are determined to bring out Susie’s potential. Before the family immigrated to the United States, she attended a Montessori school in Dublin, Ireland. Susie graduated from Troy High School, demonstrating her hard work and will to overcome her disability.

The L A Times View Section printed a feature story about Susie when she was twelve. The emphasis was on her and her mother, Martina, being determined to build a life of education and acceptance. Susie, now 44 years of age, is skilled and talented. She helps her mother hostess elegant home entertaining. She helps her brother and Martina with their business events. Now I see that her talent for photography is increasing her life’s joy.

The Bobbett family hosted the Festive Celebration Soiree featuring Susie B’s talent in another achievement to overcome a handicap, Down’s Syndrome. Go, Susie!!