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About My Family The Guptas

In 1998, my dad embarked on an incredible journey to the United States with an H1B work visa. He worked in the Bay Area until 2001 when the dot-com bubble burst, and he was laid off. Undeterred, he quickly found another job at a software company specializing in law firm solutions in Los Angeles. He rose from a consultant to a Senior Manager through dedication and hard work. His journey showcases resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. It is a testament to the American Dream, where hard work and determination can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

In 2004, during his three-week vacation, my dad went on a trip to India that would change his life forever. In a remarkable turn of events, he met my mother on a Sunday, and just a week later, they tied the knot. However, my mother faced a paperwork hurdle, lacking a passport or visa, which led to her staying in India for six months until everything was sorted out. Finally, in the latter half of 2004, she joined my dad in the United States on a dependent visa.

Moving to a new and foreign country posed challenges for my mother as she could not work and had limited options. She dedicated her time to volunteering in local libraries, seeking solace and purpose. Through this act of selflessness, she not only filled her days with meaningful engagement but also embraced the local culture and formed connections within the community.

In 2006, my parents were blessed with my arrival, followed by the joyful addition of my little brother in 2013. The love and dedication they have shown in providing us with a nurturing and fulfilling life are beyond measure. I am immensely grateful for their sacrifices and their unwavering commitment to ensuring that every one of our wants and needs is met.

From the beginning, my parents have gone above and beyond to create a loving and supportive environment for my brother and me. They have worked tirelessly, going out of their way to ensure we have access to quality education, a safe home, and ample opportunities for growth and exploration.

Their selflessness and determination have been the cornerstones of our upbringing. Through their actions, my parents have taught us the value of hard work, compassion, and the importance of family. They have instilled in us the belief that dreams are achievable with dedication and perseverance. Their unconditional love and unwavering support gave us a solid foundation to build our lives.

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