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Get Rich Quick

In the last few weeks, I received two unrelated claim notifications that informed me that I had $100 reward vouchers for Walmart, Target, and more!

Cynic that I am, I decided to contact the call-back number. I was told that the money would be transferred into my bank account, and all they needed was the Bank Tracking Number and Account Number. When I told them I was driving and didn’t have the information, the line suddenly went dead.

I met with the manager at Walmart and was told that this is the latest scam, and they are aware of it. Unfortunately, many who receive these mail notifications are unaware that they are a scam.

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  1. NEVER reply or answer unknown numbers. NEVER give ANY personal information on the phone or via text message. Never believe a call that your son/daughter/grandchild is in danger and that they need money to take care of them. The scammers are tricky. Stay safe!