A Message of Thanks from Angelo’s and Vinci’s

Beautiful Guests and Fabulous Team, past and present:
It is with heartfelt gratitude and emotional tears that I let you know we are closing our doors for the final time after dinner on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

Owner Steven Peck at the opening of Angelo’s and Vinci’s

Dear Guests ~ Team Angelo’s and Vinci’s are so very humbled by your continued support over the past 52 years. It is an honor to be a part of your precious memories, your celebrations, and your traditions for three and four generations. Your stories fill our hearts. And the gift of your continued patronage has inspired us, allowed us to support our families, and donated decades of annual fundraisers for the hungry and homeless. From our simple beginnings as a beer & wine cafe at the Fox Theatre to our current location for 925 people, you’ve supported us through the growth, the changes, and the challenges. We are a family, and you are a part of that family, a connection forever. For that, there are no words great enough to thank you. We will never forget what you have given to us, this restaurant, and this community you’ve so fondly nicknamed “A&V’s.” There has never been, nor ever will be again, the extraordinarily unique dining experience of Angelo’s and Vinci’s Ristorante. We are so grateful to have shared this beautiful adventure with you all.

Cynthia Peck (Left) with husband Steven Peck (Right)

Grazie! to a fantastic group of purveyors, suppliers, maintenance and repair crews, CPAs, advertisers, insurance agents, attorneys, security services, police, fire and health departments, and SO many more that have kept us operational through this half-century.

And, with a truly grateful heart, I thank each and every one of my incredible team, past and present, for their heart, talent, contribution, hard work, and dedication to make Angelo’s and Vinci’s “A Place to Eat, A Place to See, A Place to Be.” The responsibility and management of any restaurant is intimidating, but you have excelled here since 1971.
T-E-A-M, my Angelo’s and Vinci’s family, you are forever in my heart, forever with my gratitude, and forever in my fondest of memories.
Then quite simply, to our founder, the infinitely creative entrepreneur, actor, dancer, choreographer, my beautiful husband, Steven Peck (1928-2005)…my love always ~ Cyn

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  1. My heart wants to start a petition to keep A&V. But I know good things have to come to an end. I just wish they will keep the building the same but with the plans they have they won’t.

  2. We had our wedding dinner rehearsal and wedding there over decades ago. Sad that it will be shut-down. 😞😞

    We will be there for dinner a few more times before August 1. 😁

  3. This was a family staple over my 40 years in Fullerton. Although we didn’t go often, we had multiple parties and memorial services here and they all had a place in our heart. As a kid I loved the basement and as an adult, I would love to take my nieces and nephews down their to witness their reactions to the “monsters”. Such a Fullerton landmark that I’m sad to see go…

  4. Having worked in the old neighborhood “back in the day”, I remember when Steven created the restaurant, affording his dancers an opportunity to “make ends meet.”

    I got to know the whole family, Charlie, Lou, Richie, Robert, Charlie Jr and Cynthia.

    Great memories of great people!

    You will always be remembered if even a single person speaks of you.

    Love and the Best in the future.

    – Michael Mummert

  5. For me it was a New Year’s Eve tradition. Dine at A & V’s and then stroll First Night Fullerton. The food and service were great and put us in a celebratory mood!

  6. We will really miss this wonderful restrauant. Thank you Cynthia for making our wedding such a wonderful day to remember. Great food and so much fun. God’s blessings! Jeff and Annie Cassidy

  7. Darn, I was hoping to make it to your lovely restaurant to reintroduce myself; I’m your half cousin from long ago. Blessings in your retirement! Paula (Renzi) Baird

  8. A&V’s was part of our family’s Christmas tradition every year and will be part of our memories forever. We moved to Kansas City five years ago, but going there at Christmas is something we really miss.

  9. A&V was the destination for my husband’s and my first date, over 30 years ago. Unfortunately, his car broke down en route, but we eventually made it back there! He grew up in Anaheim and loved going to A&V. I’ll never forget the delicious food, wonderful service, the scary areas and upstairs banquet room. It was always an adventure. Thank you for being a wonderful memory in our lives. ❤️

  10. Hands down best pizza and lasagna around, been going there for years no other pizza in town comes close. Really gonna miss it

  11. My wife and I were the first wedding reception in the current location on 10/3/1992. We will be forever grateful and will be by one last time soon. My wife still remembers how helpful Cynthia was and I loved talking with Steven. Hwas just so cool!! God bless you all! (The Lewis’ 31 years later).

  12. Thank you for wonderful food and wonderful memories over many years! My wife and I held our wedding rehearsal dinner at A&Vs 30 years ago last month. And we are still going strong, with 4 children who have also enjoyed A&V’s delicious food during our California visits. We wish you the very best!

  13. I’m so sad!!! My favorite pizza in the whole wide world and I will not be able to go for my last time. I live in Idaho now and returning late August and was going to go to A&V’s, but just saw this article and I’m heart broken. Thank you for 50+ years of delicious food and a great ambiance establishment. And feel free to post your pizza dough, sauce and entire pizza recipe on line before you close 😉❤️

  14. I enjoyed my 50th birthday party here back in 2014! Was hoping to celebrate my 60th here as well; alas, it is not meant to be. Such a fun, unique environment. While so many restaurants these days have that corporate, cookie-cutter feel, Angelo’s & Vinci’s was truly one of a kind. Thanks for the memories.

  15. From the office Christmas parties, the nights out in Fullerton, the family dinners spent together, even a few first dates, this place was a staple in my life for the past 20+ years. If you took a trip to Disneyland, we stopped on the way going down Harbor. Thank you for the memories and the good food!

  16. I only ate there once, but the owner came over to our table and talked with us, I believe we were there for what seemed to me a brunch! The food was exquisite, Even though I have little money at the moment, I am thinking about taking a new friend there tomorrow, August 1st was my father’s birthday, mine is the 16th . Dad was born in 1941 and died 3 years ago after Thanksgiving. I was born in 1965 he lived through the great depression, a brilliant man as was my mother. Through them I learned what it meant to cherish a family, and the work they share passed on through the generations. Thank you for reminding me of my roots and you should be proud of the years you have spent at the Fox theater. God bless and more than likely, even if I am alone, I will see you tomorrow for a very humble lunch!

  17. OK where am I going to get Margarita pizza? As good as yours, there’s nowhere. I’ve found in Orange County. Thanks for everything over the years, I’m really depressed. Thanks again

  18. I thought they already closed. So are they still doing dinner till August 1st?

  19. Is heartbreaking , I came to USA in the seventies and I couldn’t
    find a decent Italian Restaurant, somebody suggested to have dinner at the Restaurant and I was a fan for ever . all good things come to an end

  20. You will truly be missed. Thank you for all the wonderful kindness, food and memories.