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Community Service Award Goes to Egleth Nuncci

Fullerton Police Chief Robert (Bob) Dunn presents Egleth Nuncci
with a Community Service Award at an Award and Police Rank Promotion
ceremony at the Fullerton Community Center in early July.

Egleth’s community activism began with a mission to enhance her daughters’ education and contribute to a better Fullerton. As President of the Fullerton District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC), she played a pivotal role in advising the district on involving parents in their children’s education.

Recognizing her passion for positive change, former Chief of Police Dan Hughes invited her to be part of his advisory board, where she provided invaluable insights as a resident actively working to improve the community.  Egleth’s involvement with the Chief Advisory Board has spanned four years, during which she has supported Police Chief Dunn’s efforts to connect with parents and the community. Through school visits and community events, she has helped bridge the gap between citizens and law enforcement. Her contributions have built trust and understanding, fostering a sense of cooperation between FPD and the community.

Egleth’s proactive approach to community policing is evident through her active involvement in City of Fullerton council meetings, advocating for citizen rights. Her attendance at numerous Police Department events strengthens the bond between community members and law enforcement. Her efforts have garnered immense support from Fullerton citizens, leading to increased advocacy for FPD personnel.

Egleth Nuncci’s unwavering commitment to community engagement and positive policing has inspired the residents of Fullerton. Her advocacy, understanding, and willingness to bridge the gap between citizens and the Fullerton Police Department have created a more united and harmonious community. Her actions serve as a testament to the power of collaborative partnerships in creating safer and stronger neighborhoods.

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