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North OC Community College District will continue to fly the Pride flag

North OC Community College District (NOCCCD) Board Trustee Bent tried to ban the PRIDE flag at the July 25th meeting, claiming it was about neutrality. After over 3 hours of public comment where the majority were in favor of the flag, a motion was called by Bent. The ban failed as there was no second to move the motion.

A Fullerton resident who spoke at the meeting said, “I am an American citizen by birthright and am proud to be American. However, the US Flag does not represent safety/inclusion to me. The PrideFlag, however, does.”

“In the ’80’s we had Vincent Chin and recently a string of anti-AAPI hate crimes. Despite being an American citizen, I have to perpetually prove that I am an American, with micro-aggressions hurled at me such as, ‘No, where are you REALLY from?’ The PrideFlag, to me, says, ‘It’s cool. You don’t have to talk or look like us. You can sit with us,’” said Bernard.

According to board documents, there is no flag policy in place, and requests to display flags are handled at the campus level. There are around 10% of NOCCCD students who described themselves as LGBTQ+ in the 2022-2023 academic year. NOCCCD continues to be a safe place for all students, regardless of how they identify themselves.


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  1. Something else to consider – this vote simply struck down the ban proposed by Bent. The vote just returns things to the way they stood a few weeks ago. It doesn’t do anything new, and it doesn’t force NOCCCD to adopt new ideas. So if you’re upset about this vote, you should have been upset a few weeks ago, before the ban was proposed. If not, then, well, feel free to calm back down and go about your Sunday.

  2. I was so glad to hear this news. What a relief that inclusivity will prevail.

  3. Whoa people – we are talking about a pretty rainbow colored flag that celebrates all people being exactly who they are. That is a great message for all of us including straight people. Children are not natural bullies unless they are copying actions of parents who they want to please. Your children – if they are uncomfortable – are that way because you are. That is an attitude that you can change – and it would be beneficial for you and your kids and your friends. Ask yourself what the kind thing to do would be.

    • No. We’re talking about a flag that represents a small fraction of the population that that wants to shove this in our face and expect us to roll over to their beliefs or else. This is just one more example of the attempt to indoctrinate the majority to a minority belief.

    • Agreed. Homophobia, transphobia, and other intolerant attitudes are baffling to me. Community, inclusivity, and acceptance are important values, especially when in comes to which values we impart unto our youth. The vote against the ban was great news!

  4. The pride flag does not represent safety/inclusion, this flag divides people.
    This colored flags makes my children feel uncomfortable, they feel bullied for not thinking alike, the pride flag should be removed and banned.

  5. One delusional person stands up and says the American flag does not represent inclusion but the pride flag does so we should all fall in line. This is the type of crap being taught in schools like Fullerton College and others. This country is in REAL trouble!

  6. How in the hell does the US flag, the flag of your country, where EVERYONE is American, (unless you came here illegally), doesn’t represent inclusion?? But a “pride” flag, that represents a minute section of the population does? This is ridiculous and completely backwards. Fly your “pride” flag at home then and let the school stay a neutral place where ALL students can feel welcome. Why does the 10% get to force the 90% to accept them and have to celebrate them? If this is the case then fly every flag that represents someone in some way. So sick of it. If you can’t support an American flag then you shouldn’t be in this country.