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Happy 3rd Year Anniversary to Good Times Barbershop

Gabriel Davila, a resident in Fullerton his whole life (41 years), is going on the 3rd year anniversary of his business, “Good Times Barbershop.”

As a young child, Gabriel was destined to make a name for himself in Fullerton. He learned at a young age how to cut his own hair and eventually found his calling. The local neighbors would knock on his door, asking if he was available for a quick cut. His passion led him to enroll in The Real Barbers College, where he perfected his technique.

He started his career at Straight Up Barber Shop in Brea, where he built his clientele. For ten years, he worked tirelessly to build his dreams into a reality. During the 2020 pandemic, Gabriel took a leap of faith and opened up his own barber shop in Fullerton. He took on the unforeseen challenges of the pandemic and continued to fight for his dream.

Good Times Barbershop is coming up on its 3rd year anniversary this month, with business booming. Gabriel has built a community of people who come in for a haircut and a good time. The atmosphere is like no other. Fullerton did its magic to inspire a young kid to believe in himself.

As a local teacher, I love telling my students this amazing story of Gabriel, my brother. The teenage boys at Nicolas Junior High School find this story inspiring for their own hopes for the future. To know someone who also attended Nicolas (Class of ‘96) and became someone who motivates my students to work towards a dream they have. Gabriel has purchased a home in Fullerton and has two children who attend a school in the Fullerton District.

He truly is a Fullertonian.

Submitted by Dominique Estrada

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