BALANCE & CHANGE: When is it alright to ask for help?

Is it hard for you to ask for help? Have you ever thought why that may be? I am sure that you have heard many times that it is important to be able to ask for help. I have even written columns about the subject. But have you ever honestly stopped to ask yourself why? Why is it wrong to ask for help?

One reason may be the culture that you come from. Some cultures have a high value of independence. So much so that merely asking for help is shameful. Be aware if that is your cultural belief. Like with any value passed down from generations, it is essential to ask yourself if this value still fits you today. Your family may have taught you that asking for help was wrong; it meant that you were weak.

Does that lesson make sense for you today? If someone else asks for help, do you view them as weak? If the answer is no, then you are probably not weak either! You may be fearful of being turned down if you ask. Look around your world. Do you have people who care about you? People who show up? People who ask if there is anything that you need?

We often have those people but do not allow ourselves to see them. Honestly, assess the people in your world. You may have people who are more than willing to help you.

The bottom line is that we all need help sometimes. It is not a shameful thing. It is a human thing. When we allow ourselves to be helped, we are creating connections.

Connections are what keep us going. So, take a risk and ask for help. See what happens!

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