See 52 local artist at Fullerton Museum Center

Dinner, Beer Garden, Crafts & Art Show at Fullerton Museum Center

Thursday, September 21: admission to the current exhibit of 52 local artists from 12 to 8:30 pm with opening reception treats and live music from 5 to 8:30 pm. Also, vendors, music, and food trucks are on the plaza. Corner of E. Wilshire and Pomona in downtown Fullerton. (714) 519-4461


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  1. I am not buying it. I’ve seen drawings by Sharon K. from the 1970’s. These drawings much more sophisticated than what I saw during 1970’s . I remember some goofy children’s book that Sharon and her then husband attempted to publish with the help of a family friend, Sam Savitt. Savitt was a well known children’s author and illustrator and he passed this book on to his publisher. The response was condemning of the story and art work.

    • Helen, I do not think they are for sale. These are from the late 70s and early 80s when Sharon (my mom) cartooned for newspapers. I still have a copy of the children’s book my parents collaborated on. Thank you. Saskia

  2. Admission is free for the Mad Marion Cartoon exhibit in the new Ranii foyer gallery tonight and through November but admission to the main exhibit of 52 artists is still $10/adults $5/kids.

    • With all the stimulus money for the museum I wonder why they have to charge top rates to go in

      • The City stopped supporting the Museum during Covid. They did just get a grant, but the funds have not come in yet. They are on their own with a small volunteer staff.

      • Joe – I asked the same question.
        Come to First Friday Artwalk the first Friday evening of each month – then admission is free for all the galleries.
        The Ranii Gallery right off the gift shop is always free.
        But like Saskia says it’s because they haven’t actually received the funding yet so are still running on a shoestring