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No consequences for the misuse of the City seal

Mayor Jung created titles for people who were not city employees and allowed them to use the city seal on their business cards. This was discovered at a meeting with Mayor Jung when his associate Daniel Yoon Jae Park arrived and handed out business cards that said he was the Mayor’s Cultural Arts Counsel.

According to Ordinance 2543, it is unlawful for any person to make or use the seal of the City, or reproduction thereof, for any purpose other than for the official business of the City, its Council, officers, or departments. The City Clerk of the City shall be the official custodian of the official seal of the City. (Ord. 2543 (part), 1985).

It may be illegal, but the City Ordinance does not say what, if any, consequences there are. Addressing such issues before a controversy can indeed be a good strategy. It avoids “calling out” someone who may have concluded that the lack of a policy means that “anything goes.”

When asked if he knew that the use of the City seal without authorization was illegal, he said, “It is not illegal; it is just frowned upon. I have let them know they can not use the seal.”

Another consideration weighing in favor of having an agency policy is that technology makes it easier for anyone to access aspects of an agency’s official identity. Web browsers and scanners can capture or copy agency seals, logos, letterhead, and similar items. Restrictions on using an agency’s seal are common, but without consequences, the City seal and logo seem to be all fair game for anyone’s use.

The City Attorney said that there are only consequences if the DA decides to prosecute.

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  1. This is the Barney Fife of stories. How is this a story? This is why I don’t admit to living in Fullerton.

  2. Fullerton Observer. There is so much pain and suffering in the world. Caution you to preserve your ability to recognize when you’ve taken a concept too far and end up hurting the very cause and point you’re trying to make.

    • No. Observer is in the right to point out fake city officials. It is plain black letter law illegal.

      I don’t understand the push back against the Observer at all.

      They wrote one article reporting the facts. How is that taking it too far?

      Does the whole thing dirty up Jung who observer staff are clearly no fans of? Maybe. He was wrong in that he said it is only frowned upon but he was right in telling people they aren’t allowed to do it. All facts dutifully reported.

      Meanwhile all the pain and suffering in the world will continue on regardless. Pain including many of our disappointment in Fullerton’s partisan governing majority that is uninterested in fulfilling its promises to the community in the form of the bicycle master plan.

  3. I only recently learned about the ethnicity of our Mayor Fred, even though I’m a longtime resident of Fullerton. I’ve never seen his face, but it’s evident that since he became mayor, he’s been pushing for the progress of Fullerton, which was in dire need of development.

    We need active council members. Our city is plagued with numerous issues such as a rise in violent crimes, aging infrastructure, and inactive businesses. But what is the point of this article?

    How can it be a problem for the mayor to recruit his people to volunteer for the city? Have your taxes been used even a bit for their volunteering? I believe that your baseless critique hinders the development of our city and prevents the right individuals from showing passion for the city’s progress.

    The key, whether as a Council or Commissioner, is to serve our city. It is a duty for formally elected and appointed members to actively promote and inform the city. There can also be no opposition to bringing in volunteers to serve the city. Because this is the practice of democracy and local autonomy

    Looking at examples from other cities, many commissioners introduce themselves with business cards that include the city’s logo, their position, and the committee they’re on. I believe our city’s policy is outdated and not in line with modern administrative practices. This policy needs to change. Commissioners have officially received endorsements from the council and have been appointed based on it. If we don’t even respect these individuals, who will work for the city?

    Regardless of who the council member is or who supports whom, a commissioner appointed with the endorsement of the city council should rightfully serve and work for the city.

  4. The personal info on the cards is not a big deal as less than 12 people actually read “The Observer.” Aside from being very twisted and mostly focused on leftist issues, it’s environmentally wasteful. It’s so 2020, being printed and strewn around the city. Even the YMCA throws most of the copies left there in the trash. I mean seriously stop wasting paper and spoiling our environment with so much waste figuratively and literally. To make sure my comment is seen, I will do as the obsessed repeat commenters in the comment section do and repost this comment with a few slight variations to feign original thought. This way all 12 readers will have the opportunity to use shaky logic and say mean things or ask me to “discuss in person.” Which is weird when this could be done via Zoom [this address has been omitted]

    • Please…stop gaslighting. Actually Mildred, it can NOT be “done via Zoom,” and entirely why I welcome in-person discussion. I DON’T owe you an explanation, but in hopes of saving the :comments section: devolving into that conspiracy-theory-blog: Explicitly, I have speech aphasia. I crushed my esophagus and paralyzed my vocal cords. I recently (2 yrs ago) had a procedure to inject plastic into the paralyzed folds. It doesn’t hurt nearly as much anymore (I used to be able to FEEL the plates and pins in my throat). It STILL requires an inordinate amount of effort to produce “sound,” which is why it may seem like I’m yelling. It’s because :screaming: is the only way the mic will pick up my “voice.” Zoom, despite screaming, does not pick it up and comes in as digital scramble. (Speaking of: Kudos to the A/V Dept!)

      This is wholly absurd. WHY are you randomly attacking the Observer? Where exactly is this “shaky logic” of which you speak? If anything, this CouncilMajority gaslights, distracts, and makes attacks that are meritless and are incapable of providing salient arguments/examples. …and it seems that :you:, in fact, are the one saying, “mean things.”

      Also, LYING ON PUBLICRECORD, BLAMING OTHERS (ON PUBLICRECORD), SHRUGGING ACCOUNTABILITY, SHUTTING DOWN TRANSPARENCY (ON PUBLICRECORD), etc. Those are “leftist issues?!” It’s astonishing that rather than focus on the issue, you’d rather focus on my pointing out of the issues. Bizarre…

      I’d argue that those CHARACTER FLAWS are neither “right” nor “left” issues, and indicative of a failed human being.

    • “Aside from being very twisted and mostly focused on leftist issues, it’s environmentally wasteful. It’s so 2020, being printed and strewn around the city.”

      “This way all 12 readers ”

      So “Mildred,” what would you say is the second most read Fullerton newspaper to the Observer? And what’s its circulation?

      I think the real environmental disaster is your trash talk.

    • We go to 10,000 homes in Fullerton, have 80 distribution sites, have 69,000 readers weekly online, several thousands of readers on FB, IG, & Twitter, and have over 1000 paid subscribers.
      There are many people in our community who do not have a device to read the online version and like to physically hold the newspaper. Someday we will go all digital.
      I am sorry to read that you have to feign original thought, it is such a shame when people stop thinking for themselves.

  5. Is this violation as illegal as the Orange County Human Relations council using the Orange County Human Relations Commission seal/emblem to give the impression it is a county sanctioned commission when in fact it is a private, non-profit organization. Rusty Kennedy was executive director for the commission and top dog at the non-profit council which is a conflict of interest. The Orange County Board of Supervisors removed Saskia’s uncle, Rusty Kennedy, removed him from his position for many reasons, this was cited as one of them. This board of supervisors said Rusty Kennedy used the seal of a county commission to gain credibility for his council with the nearly identical name. Saskia, why don’t you run an article about this abuse of power?

    • …so are you suggesting that this is a blatant conflict of interest and that Fred should be removed?

      While yes, I agree that Fred should be held accountable, I think that a :full removal: is a bit harsh. (See: Fred fired FormerCityManager-KenDomer withOUT giving clearer [or ANY] direction; in the name of “fiscal responsibility.” What part of installing an ally and double-paying for a position is “fiscally responsible?” Just another example of Fred’s dictator-like behavior.)

    • Helen – totally untrue about OC Human Relations and Rusty’s longtime amazing service. He started the non-profit that funded the OCHR’s award-winning programs like Walk in My Shoes. You always say such mean things about my family with no facts. So odd.

      • Why the double standard for the current mayor of Fullerton and Sharon Kennedy’s brother, Rusty Kennedy, who was removed as executive director of the Orange County Human Relations Commission by the Orange County Board of Supervisors in November, 2017? In the same year, the Orange County Register published an article exposing Rusty Kennedy for using the seal of Orange County for his private entity, the Orange County Human Relations Council, a council dependent on private donors. This board of supervisors said Rusty Kennedy’s use of the Orange County seal intended to give his Orange County Human Relations Council and aura of credibility. My question to Rusty Kennedy’s sister, Sharon Kennedy and his niece, Saskatoon is how long will Kelly Thomas be dead?

        • Not Kelly Thomas and also Not Accurate – you and your pal Helen are again wrong as anyone can see just by googling your fact-free claims. Rusty retired after 40 years as head of OC Human Relations. He founded the well- respected non-profit council to fund the work of OC Human Relations when the county failed to fund it. All money raised was used to run programs to prevent hate and promote understanding and cooperation in our community.
          Quite different from our current mayor (an honorary position in itself) allowing the city seal to be used on imaginary city positions. Yes prestige is important to many cultures but the way you earn respect is through integrity and results. Really embarrassing situation all around.

          • Gee whiz LBilly, the facts come from the Orange County Register not from a poster’s conjecture.

      • This is calling the kettle black, dont you think? Yet you say untrue facts about the Mayor with NO facts!! Just based on hearsay!!

  6. As a resident of Fullerton, I believe action should be taken, nothing too dramatic or harsh, still the fact the consequences aren’t given seems a little unfair and unjust.

  7. Using the City of Fullerton Official Seal without authorization by unqualifued persons is not permitted and is a violation under the City Ordinance however it is not a crime without a penalty. If it is used fraudulently, the crime is the fraud. Displaying the contact information of the subjects of your article is improprr and unethical.

    • “Displaying the contact information of the subjects of your article is improprr and unethical.”

      Why? Where are you getting this idea?

      I disagree. These are people handing out business cards. Sorry, that’s public info that they personally are making public.

      • Again, do you know when Saskia received these cards? Were they personally handed to her? Also, when were these cards being handed out? Recently?? Plus she says in her so-called news article that Fullerton has a “no consequences”. Which is funny because that part of the so-called article has some how disappeared. Strange!!!

        • If you look at the ordinance, it doesn’t specify type of crime or punishment. It just says it’s illegal.

          I think expecting some chain of custody on the cards is pretty outlandish. No one doubts these cards are real. Quit it.

          The practice is illegal. And those claiming it’s a privacy violation to show their business card is particularly outlandish. They are representing themselves as though they were in public office. From the “commissioner” and pseudo-commisioner perspective that’s exactly the message they want out in the public.

          They don’t have any expectation of privacy for such public information that they made available. If they put their home phone on a business card they’re spreading that was their choice.

          As to their name, again… they are supposedly associated with the city, right? Their name wouldn’t be a secret if they really were.

          • Your comments are pretty “outlandish” and thinking this is “news” worthy is pretty “outlandish” also. Wasting the residents time reading this “outlandish” so-called article.

            Purpose of Business cards: A business card is an easy way to let customers know who you are when GIVEN. (not being displaying on a “news” platform, unethical and unprofessional)

            Again, in the article it says Mayor said he has let them know not to use the seal. So again, is the seal still on their business cards? and when was this business card received? Recently? Seems like no one can answer that question.

            If the seal is no longer on the cards, then what is the point of all this!!!! QUIT IT!

            • Maybe you’re confusing a business card with a calling card. When I hand out a business card I hope you will pass it on with my public info as a referral.

            • Jeff, the point is that it is illegal to use the city seal if you are not an employee of the city. I stress employee. Commissioners are not employees. None of these people are employed by the city. However, they have represented the city at many official functions. These actions are unlawful as the ordinance calls it. I will not quit telling the truth.

              • Again, are they still doing this? are these cards still being handed out with the seal on them?

                No one will answer these questions. Did they Mayor fix it and tell them they are to not use the seal anymore? You said he did!! Again what is the point of this article?

  8. I am a Korean American resident of Fullerton. I have never personally met the Mayor, but I’ve read extensively about his efforts on behalf of our city in the Korean media. I also read this site and sometimes feel frustrated at what seems to be a barrage of criticism towards the Mayor. I find that this particular article crosses a line.

    This article, discussing the Mayor’s appointment of advisors and their use of the city seal, has the potential to incite racism and anti-Korean sentiment in our community. The article relies on false and misleading claims, and it is crucial to set the record straight.

    To begin, the article alleges that the Mayor is breaking the law by appointing volunteer advisors and allowing them to use the city seal. This claim is a massive stretch. Furthermore, it conveniently omits the fact that other commissioners and advisors have been using the seal for years without any notice from the Fullerton Observer, even if not allowed. It really seems as if this article’s motivation may not be a genuine concern for the city’s welfare but rather a bias against the Mayor and his advisors.

    The exchange of business cards holds significant cultural importance in the Korean community. It is only fitting that anyone representing the Mayor or serving as his advisor includes the city seal on their cards. It would fall under “official city business” to use the words in the ordinance. The Mayor possesses the right to appoint any volunteer he deems suitable, and these individuals are actively contributing to the economic development and cultural enrichment of our city. Their use of the city’s logo falls well within the scope of approved practices, a precedent set by others who have used the seal without drawing the Fullerton Observer’s attention.

    The city’s logo stands as a symbol of our community and its values. It is crucial to promote our city and its distinct identity, a task that the Mayor’s volunteers are actively engaged in. Their use of the city’s logo is not only legitimate but also instrumental in driving economic development for Fullerton. Is Economic Development not “official city business?”

    It is my belief that this article comes off as an attack on the Korean community than a genuine concern about the legality of the situation. Our city’s unity and prosperity should be the ultimate goal, and the Mayor’s advisors are contributing positively toward that objective.

    To echo another commenter, the fact that their numbers were not redacted prior to publishing is irresponsible.

    • You don’t sound like you are for unity and prosperity when you falsely bash the observer for racism.

      Putting the logo on the business cards is illegal. Jung himself told the individuals they couldn’t do it.

      The racism angle is falsely trotted out to silence the observer.

    • Thank you for the very thoughtful argument. It is not my intention to disparage the Korean community. I have close family and friends that are Korean. I would ask that you watch a few city council meetings and let me know if our Mayor acts in a professional manner and his arguments are sound.
      I read the Korean Daily News as well. They do a great job and make our Mayor look good. Indeed they have never called him out on anything. One example is the article about the Korean Gardens where he promised the Korean Federation land that was already under a 20 year grant agreement. For a week there was a banner that said, Future Home of the Korean Gardens. It had to be removed. This and the cards are examples of the Mayor’s lack of communication with city staff, lack of knowledge of the laws, and lack of regard for the rules.
      It is easy to disagree because it does not feel good, but do your own investigation and we can discuss the findings. I would start with the City Attorney about the legality of the cards.

      • Thank you for your comment. I do watch the city council meetings, and I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the Mayor. I find him to be a highly effective leader who runs his meetings in a professional and polite manner. His arguments are sound and well-reasoned and he is very courteous to all his colleagues. I have also read the article about the Korean Gardens in the Korean News. I understand that you are concerned about the mayor’s agreement to try and secure 1 acre of land to the Korean Federation for a Korean garden. If I recall correctly, that was approved by the council. There seems to be clear bias against the Mayor and given that you are a reporter, I would expect some amount of fairness and unbiased reporting.

        • You obviously haven’t been watching meetings. Jung is very rude to his colleagues, Zahra and Shana and even to the public, interrupting and insulting often.

          The city council voted on allowing the Korean Federation the ability to maintain the current Korean war memorial garden (this memorial was approved by a previous council that Jung was not on then) but no land sale or acquisition is allowed. If Jung was making those claims then they are not true. Many groups adopt to maintain different parks. They can’t own it though. You can easily find this out by calling the city manager or attorney.

          If you think he’s been good to our Korean community then ask all those Korean small businesses in sunrise village off Euclid that got shut down or kicked out because he voted yes with a developer that took over to develop housing project even though he promised them in public and on record that he was a “hard no”.

    • I am a Korean American resident of Fullerton. I have actually personally met and have communicated with Fred. As such, I can personally attest to his CHARACTER FLAWS that ERODE PUBLICTRUST.

      Residents (that tune into the CouncilMeetings) seem to think that I dislike this CouncilMajority. I repeat, it is NOT a matter of like/dislike. I don’t know them, or even care to know them. Their behavior (and flat-out LIES) is abhorrent and FULLY erodes PublicTrust.

      This is NOT an issue of left/right, GOP/Democrats, etc. These are CHARACTER FLAWS. HOW is the Public supposed to trust “elected officials” that bold-faced LIE (on PublicRecord, no less); deflect accountability and blame others; shut down transparency and discussion; have no respect for their constituents; and behave like Fullerton is a dictatorship?!

      As far as Fred being portrayed in a favorable light in the Korean media; that’s not saying much. The NorthKorean media doesn’t print stories critical of Kim, either, but that doesn’t exactly mean he’s earned PublicTrust.

      • [When your argument resorts to name calling it will be omitted. Civil discourse is the practice of engaging in conversation to seek and foster understanding with mutual airing of views. It is not a contest; rather, it is intended to promote mutual understanding.]

        He speaks nonsense then goes over his time and then begins shaking violently when the mayor says his time is up. He started his 3 minute talk by walking up with a rose in his mouth and some sort of tuxedo . The lady after him followed up the act with an insulting speech and then sat on the floor till the parametics removed her for some apparent medical emergency. It just gets worse every city meeting.

        • Hi John!

          HAHAHA So rather than focus on the words coming out of my mouth, you’d rather focus on what I’m wearing. Never mind that I’ve ALWAYS dressed up for the 2nd CouncilMeeting in October. Again, this is not the proper forum; especially for this brand of gaslighting. As always, I welcome an in-person discussion.

        • Right quick: Also, John, you clearly haven’t watched the CouncilSession if you think that “(I speak) nonsense then goes over (my) time.”

          Advocating for my neighbors/UPTrailGrant is “nonsense?!” …I whole-heartedly disagree. Again, if you feel otherwise, I’d be happy to discuss this in-person.

          I did NOT “go over (my) time.” I actually had 0:17 left on the clock.

          Your brand of gaslighting and Fred’d narcissism is absurd.

        • Dear John Stone & Yumin –
          Bernard is an amazing person who prior to his skydiving accident toured the world with well-known band and later in early retirement owned a popular restaurant. He was expected to die from his injuries and couldn’t move or talk for a very long time. But he beat the odds and is recovering amazingly – although – so far – his vocal cords are still strained and he needs a walker for stability. But, even with those frustrations he cares enough to speak up about the wrong things he sees happening. He does love the theatre of Halloween and costumes up every year – this year it was Pepe Le Pew.
          Most people never tune into council meetings, never come down in person or actually speak up, call, write to, or even know what the issues facing the city are – or even who their District representative is. There are a few who are constant commenters. I can see how that repetition could seem annoying – however – if you listen to them and know anything about the city – you would see most actually have valid points to make which are simply not being acted on.

          • Wow!! The Observer seems to just put anybody’s personal business on a public platform!!

            You get what you give!! So when you say the Mayor is rude or his inappropriate behavior maybe he is simply reacting to your behavior!!

            • Hi Jeff

              Actually, I gave her my explicit permission to say what she did.

              Okay, I’ll bite: Let’s say that Fred’s absurd narcissism and misbehavior is “simply (a reaction) to (my) behavior.” Umm… is :that: the type of behavior you want from an elected official?

              • I am not sure how you figure it is narcissism, oh because he voted No on something when 2 other council members did as well!!

                I guess your mother didn’t teach you as a kid, “treat people how you want to be treated” So when you use are being aggressive and rude making your public comments and calling names, he simply tells you your time is up or next speaker! Which I have seen you keep going over your 3 minutes with insults and also everyone gets 3 minutes!!

                Again, You give what you get!

            • Jeff -everyone in town had high hopes for Fred Jung on city council – unfortunately he has turned out to be a disappointment and let his quest for prestige get the better of him or perhaps he just doesn’t realize his honorary position as mayor gives him no more voice than any other elected councilmember. He started his rude behavior towards two fellow councilmembers and the voters who voted them into office early on with refusal to go with the fair rotation process in allowing each elected official their turn to be mayor. He was joined by Whitaker and Dunlap. All three are shameless. It all went downhill from there with the idiotic decision to fire City Manager Domer who had brought the city through the tough covid time in better shape than many other cities. Then hiring a totally unqualified interim (Danley). Both those decisions cost the city a bundle. Jung has been rude to both Zahra and Charles – cutting them off and squashing further discussion on items. Ocassionally he performs better – I think when he has someone in the audience he wants to impress. I don’t expect to agree with the decisions of the various councilmembers but I do expect truth, fairness, courtesy, and transparency from all of them. And city business is not the personal business of any councilmember.

              • From what I see Mayor Fred Jung has made improvements such as streets being repaved more than any other former councilmember in the past. The residents complain and complain that they need someone on council who will do good for the residents of Fullerton, rotation or not, do you honestly want someone who has been criminally charged to run the city for the greater good just because they were next in rotation? I know i wouldn’t!! I would not trust that… especially when it has to do with domestic violence which he has never been transparent about. I am sure if they allow the rotation to go as it was suppose to, it would cost the city a fortune as well. Like suing a blogger and costing the City $60,000 which was Zahra’s doing.

                And when you say “I think” when he has someone in the audience he wants to impress, is that your opinion or fact? Perhaps maybe you should get a hobby like volunteering at the senior center or perhaps joining the crocheting group at the recreation center because this biased opinion newspaper is ridiculous and you just sound goofy! QUIT IT!

                • You know that charged means a form accusation right? Nothing more. No basis for a power grab, or punishment of Zahra or those who duly elected him.

                  And Jung isn’t responsible for paving any streets. Feel free to explain your reasoning but I doubt you have any. When money is spent on roads you have to look at where it came from. Roads are being repaved all the time… because we’re way behind. Are we ever going to catch up with maintenance?

                  To date we rely on money from the state or feds to drop from the sky. To catch up we need to raise taxes. What has Jung accomplished in that regard?

              • Ken Domer was your family’s friend Sharon so you were sore that he was incompetent and got canned. Whitaker, Dunlap, and Jung are shameless? Why? Because they don’t agree with your narrow world views? His “quest for prestige”? Guy gets yelled at every meeting from this Bernard character and others. Exactly what prestige do you see? You and your family don’t like Whitaker, Dunlap, and Jung so you publish hit pieces on them. Don’t pretend it is anything more noble than that.

                • David Sanchez – Where did you get that idea? I do not know any of our councilmembers personally. Ken Domer was not a family friend. He was an excellent city manager.
                  I don’t expect to agree with decisions made by any council member but I do expect them all to be honest, and make decisions based on what is best for the city – not what is best for their friends, campaign contributors, or themselves. There should be no tricks. The 45-year-old independent Fullerton Observer reports on what is happening – not hit pieces.
                  signed by
                  Sharon Kennedy, Chief Liaison to the Mayor (Whoops there is no such office)
                  City of Fullerton Ethics Commission (Whoops there is no Ethics Commission)

          • Correction: I actually :did: die. I was dead when the 1stResponders arrived, and stayed dead an additional ten minutes. But tomato, lemon…

            Yes, I can FULLY see how “repetition could seem annoying.” Operative word is: SEEM. If you actually look, I’m just pointing out his foul behavior…but he doesn’t stop and continues to supply endless fodder. So again, A -> B. If you don’t like B, STOP DOING A!!! :face_palm: So yes, it :IS: “annoying” to perpetually have to repeat myself (with a constant flow of fresh examples).

          • Hey Sharon, how do you know this Bernard character was in a skydiving accident? Google skydiving accidents and Bernard and there are zero results. Skydiving accidents are not commonplace. Well known band? Name the band. Popular restaurant? Name the restaurant.

            • Hey Johnny-Come-Lately… NO ONE owes you ANY responses to your gaslighting nonsense. I go by my American first name, and NOT by my Korean name.

              For those of you that have difficulty parsing the pertinent information (like this CouncilMajority has numerous times on PUBLICRECORD), that means: As a BRUIN (and in my 1st life), I went by my Korean name (Read: EXPLICITLY NOT Bernard :face_palm:).

              • Is your Korean name Young Kwon? Only record of a Korean in a skydiving accident in the State of California per USPA database is Young Kwon. I apologize if your name is Young Kwon and you use Bernard.

            • Hey David Sanchez – yes I do know that info – but will let Bernard tell you if he feels like it. I can confirm that he is not the South Korean Young Kwon who died in skydiving accident that you mention. How funny and weird that you are so obsessed with his background.

              • Thank you Sharon; but no. No, I do NOT “feel” the need, or even :want: to respond to his gaslighting (Emphasis on: GASLIGHTING). Stalk much, David? You fling blind accusations the way Fred’s “committee appointees” MISuse the CitySeal. :face_palm:

              • It’s not funny. It’s funky Sharon! No record of a skydiving accident. He isn’t providing information. Sounds fishy.

                • Why are you so fixated with Bernard? Your behavior is inappropriate and concerning.

      • I have observed you on several occasions becoming visibly angry and disrespectful towards the mayor.

        I understand that there may be a history between you and the mayor that I am unaware of. However, I I have observed you and I believe that your outbursts of anger and disrespect create a hostile environment for those who are watching. I urge you to reconsider your behavior at future city council meetings.

        • Hi Yumin

          I FULLY accept that I have “(become) visibly angry…towards the mayor.” HOWEVER, it’s simply a reaction to :his: misbehavior. I’ve said it on PublicRecord, and I stand by it (As with EVERYTHING that has come out of my mouth while at the lectern. Fred can NOT say the same.):

          A -> B (If A, then B)

          A= Fred behaves like a dictator and continues to punish my neighbors.
          B= I will call him out on it.

          It’s basic symbolic logic. If it hurts his feelings and he doesn’t like B, stop doing A.

          Look at the previous dais. Did I get “visibly angry?” No, because they dais knew how to behave like proper adults; and not like shameful dictators.

          Again, this is not the proper forum and I welcome an in-person discussion.

    • Plane and simple, these business cards should not exist. If you want to defend the cards you are just wrong, no other commissioner is given business cards nor can the city seal be used by others besides city employees.

  9. Are we really writing articles about business cards? I understand the use of the seal of the city and who may or may not use it. If the city ordinance has no punishments written in it, we decide to write an article to damn those who use it? Have you ever gotten a parking ticket, fix it ticket? Should we have someone write an article for those violations? If so, who can I get at the Fullerton Observer article to dig up those violations and put it out there to waste everyone’s time to read an article about it?

  10. Why would you publish these business cards without blocking out their telephone numbers? How irresponsible! Take that down!

    • They’re business cards. Their sole purpose in life is to spread contact information far and wide.

      • These business cards weren’t given to you and to every reader of the Fullerton Observer. Your defense of this is ridiculously racist. John is comfortable with hostilities towards immigrants and minorities. We are grateful you showed your true nature!

          • I’m not your bro. I hold myself to better company than defenders of racism like you my man.

        • Vincent – That is exactly one of the issues – the business cards were given out to select people and groups – no one knows who or with what purpose – except Mr Jung and those designated by him as representing the city on the non-existing offices.
          Your suggesting a race/xenophobic basis for the story is wrong – this is about city seal misuse. So far it appears only Mr. Jung has crossed that line – but if you are aware of any others please tell the Observer (regardless of perceived background)!

  11. Saskia Kennedy doesn’t sound like an Asian name and I will apologize if I am incorrect. Ordinances are minor violations, example parking violations, so unless it is a slow news day, why is this an article? Unless you are explicitly targeting Koreans and this Korean Mayor.

  12. Thank you for proving my point John. There wasn’t an article when the commissioners were white. There is one now when it involved Asians. How about that?

    • No Peter, you don’t have a point or at least not one you have evidence for. What white commissioners are you talking about? When did this happen? Was The Observer aware of it? Why do you assume race is relevant? Because these lawbreakers are Korean?

      Without evidence, I’m left to assume you’re making stuff up.

      You’re claiming disparate treatment by The Observer, but you don’t have the facts necessary to show that. The End.

  13. Other commissioners have used business cards in the past. No “consequences”, whatever that means, then and The Fullerton Observer didn’t do an article. Koreans and all of the sudden, there is an article.

    • This City Council voted that Commissioners are not to use the City Seal on their business cards. You do not know me or my ethnicity, so I understand how you would jump to the conclusion that this article is racially profiling the Korean Mayor. If it were Dunlap, Whitaker, Charles, or Zahra – I would write the article with their names instead. The “consequences” are charges from the DA if they decide to press charges. Most Cities are explicit as to the “consequences” and are laid out in their ordinance. Fullerton does not have any “consequences” in their ordinance. That is what I was trying to point out. As well as let everyone know that it is illegal. Information that can hopefully deter other politicians from making the same mistake.

      • Do you know the time of when these hands were being used? Are they being used and handed out as to date?

        I feel you have A LOT of time on your hands to be writing a so-called article about this. Fullerton Observer at its best with their lack of reporting and not news worthy articles.

      • Hi Saskia! I wonder if it would’ve helped if the article included the standard practices by the entire City Council (Not just the Mayor) and confirmation that the Mayor’s office is indeed the only one violating this ordinance!

        Can you point me in the right direction to find the resolution when the City Council voted that the Commissioners not use the City Seal?

    • Two of these individuals are NOT commissioners. They are not real city titles. All three are also using their own personal business information on the back of the “city info”. No commissioner is allowed even official city cards based on a vote council took last year, let alone printing personal business info on the back. Jung voted on that. This is not about cards, commissioners or seal. This is about creating fake positions with fake city cards that maybe used to deceive the community for personal gain. No city council member including mayor have personal staff. These are part time positions and they all share one assistant.


        This CouncilMajority gaslights with distraction and bellyaching.

        …so by your arguments, I’m free to just go out and print up business cards with the City seal and made-up title in the name of “economic development?” And since when is “official city business” conducted by randos?