Sunday, October 29 is the last day of the Roar Festival at Fullerton Plaza

Sun, Oct 29 at 3pm to 8pm at the lively Fullerton Downtown Plaza, 125 East Wilshire Avenue, Fullerton. Admission was absolutely free!

Photos of the Roar Festival: a cornucopia of Korean culture, art, food, and entertainment, held on Fri, Oct 27 at 3pm.

Expect to be enthralled by the rhythmic beats of folk Korean music and the mesmerizing traditional arts. There is an Art Craft Street, which will be a haven for art enthusiasts, with an array of art crafts on exhibit. Get a glimpse of the artists at work during the live demonstrations and immerse yourself in the creative process.

Explore the Culture Street. Indulge in a variety of Korean specialty products and mouth-watering Korean Food. Don’t miss out on the live demonstrations and the opportunity to taste the culinary delights.

The Kids’ Fun Fiesta, is a dedicated space for children to enjoy fun activities in the park.

From the opening ceremony to the closing show, every day of the Roar Festival promises a unique and enriching experience. So get ready for an unforgettable cultural adventure!


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  1. Why didn’t city website have notice of this terrific free family festival on its website frontpage or on calendar?