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Fullerton Heritage Photography Intern

Fullerton Heritage has engaged a freelance photographer, Jax Barbour, as an intern for the Spring 2019 semester starting January 28th.  Born and raised in Orange County, Ms. Barbour is currently attaining her degree in Photography at Fullerton College.  She originally started as a hobbyist taking photographs on her travels, but the amount of recognition she received for many of her shots prompted her to take her passion further.  She loves all types of photography, and has a passion for wildlife and nature, but for the Fullerton Heritage project, she will be concentrating on sites and properties around the city.


As part of the Fullerton Historic Survey in 1978, photographs were taken of historic residences, commercial structures, and other properties that were at least fifty years old.  While those photographs have been invaluable to researchers, homeowners, and city staff, they have become dated.  Lots of changes have been made to Fullerton since 1978, and Ms. Barbour will be updating the survey, photodocumenting sites around town.


If you live or work in Fullerton, it’s possible you might run into Ms. Barbour, so please come out and greet her.  All of the photographs she takes will be on file in the Local History Room of the Fullerton Public Library where they will be available to the public.

The 2019 photography internship was sponsored by Fullerton Heritage member Kay Miller, who is well-known for her engaging public tours of Hillcrest Park.

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