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Fullerton Resident Baseball Hall of Fame

I thought this might be a fun bit of information for your newspaper before the 2019 baseball season begins.

My oldest son Sean and I played at West Fullerton Little League and after one of our games in 1994 my son asked me to take him to a local baseball card show so he could buy cards of his favorite player Ken Griffey Jr. I agreed and while he was going through boxes of cards searching for Griffey’s, I meandered away to the next booth and spotted a few cards of my favorite players as a kid. I found familiar faces from the 60’s a 70’s and was enthralled with once again touching cards from my youth. My son found a few Ken Griffey cards that day and I also found and bought a card from 1951 of Ted Williams. Little did I realize at the time that this would be the start of a 25 year challenge to collect one card of every player in the Baseball Hall of Fame. My collection now consist of 230 players (still need two players from 19th century) and every January I add to my collection once the newest Hall of Famers are announced. They are not the highest quality but I was more interested in finding cards I both like and could afford. In 2016, I  took my collection to the Antiques Roadshow in Palm Springs and although I didn’t make a TV spot I was told by one of the sports experts that they have never seen a collection of HOF players as complete as mine!

It’s been a fun project and we look forward to adding more players to our “Wall of Fame”

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