Fullerton College President Responds to Anonymous

On January 24, some members of the Fullerton College community received an anonymous email expressing concerns about their experience at the college. Excerpts from the anonymous email were included in the Fullerton Observer, (Jan. page 16) and I would like to share a response.
Like many of my colleagues I found the contents of the email alarming. Fullerton College has been and will continue to be a safe place for all who seek to learn here and for all who work here. I would never want anyone to have experiences like those described in the email. At Fullerton College, we take pride in serving our community as a welcoming, inclusive learning institution. The diversity of our college is one of our greatest assets. As each of our students, faculty and staff come together each day to make the Fullerton College experience possible, we support each other, and we will continue to do so.
After receiving the anonymous email I reached out directly to the author via email in order to better understand the concerns. So far, I have not received a response to my invitation, and unfortunately the letter is general in nature and does not identify a specific time, place person or instance that provides us with enough information to investigate. I have an open-ended invitation for the author to meet with me, and that invitation is open to anyone who would like to share feedback about our college.


Greg Schulz, President
Fullerton College (100 Building)
321 E. Chapman Ave. Fullerton

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