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Rally to Save Coyote Hills – All of Us Can Save It All

Join the Friends and like-minded residents to show that we can save all of West Coyote Hills for a park. These things haven’t changed: the majority of Fullerton residents want to save it all and we’re committed as ever to continue our fundraising momentum. Let’s urge the City of Fullerton and Chevron to work with the community: let’s all get behind saving it all so we can accelerate the acquisition and put the best park destination on the map for more than a million people in North Orange County and South LA County.

Fullerton City Hall, Tuesday, 3/5/19, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM, rain or shine

Bring your own sign: All of Us Can Save It All

A family out on a walk through Coyote Hills. Will this property become a 760-housing development or will residents and city officials band together to save it as open space?

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