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38th Annual Crop Hunger Walk Raises $24,000

Faith, civic, school groups joined to raise money to end hunger. photo by Jere Greene

The 2019 Crop Hunger Walk brought faith, civic, business, and school groups together in the annual effort to raise funds to end hunger. The walk started from the Downtown Fullerton Plaza on Wilshire.

This year’s walk raised over $24,000. The walk is organized by local groups including FIMA (Fullerton Interfaith Ministerial Association) and nationally by Church World Service.

25% of the funds raised in the Fullerton walk goes to end hunger locally and the rest is distributed by Church World Service to help provide food, clean water and resources to help communities around the world.

Top fundraising group was the Fullerton Congregational Church

Gayle Blume was the top walker this year raising $1,700 as an individual and her team at the Congregational Church of Fullerton came in with the top group total of $3,477. This is no surprise since the founder of the Crop Walk in Fullerton, Barbara Johnson, is a member.

First Christian was the second highest fundraiser bringing in $3,443 with Pastor Mandye Yates, president of FIMA leading this year’s event.

Over 2,000 communities across the US hold walks each year. Learn more about the program at http://www.crophungerwalk.org.

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