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OC Point in Time Finds 308 Unsheltered Homeless Individuals in Fullerton

The County of Orange released the 2019 Point in Time results on April 24. More than 1,000 volunteers counted 6,860 individuals across Orange County experiencing homelessness. Of those, 2,899 were sheltered while 3,961 were unsheltered.

In Fullerton 308 homeless individuals were found to have no shelter and 165 were sheltered. Fullerton registered the third highest number of unsheltered homeless people in the county – after Anaheim (694) and Santa Ana (with 830).

The 2019 OC Point In Time count used a new methodology and tools to gather real-time data using a secure mobile app. The count also included a survey for those willing to participate. In addition, those surveyed were also able to self-report if they had substance abuse issues, serious mental health issues as well as if they had a physical disability amongst other demographic factors.

According to the report -of those individuals agreeing to be interviewed: 311 are veterans, 271 are ages 18 to 24, 677 are seniors 62 or over, and there were 110 families with 244 children among the unsheltered homeless. 663 individuals stated that their last permanent address was in a north Orange County city. Over half have a family in the county, 22% were currently working full or part time while 55% were unemployed, and over 72% were currently or had previously worked in the county. 32.9% of the unsheltered homeless self-reported suffering from substance abuse issues, 30.8% have a physical disability, and 26.5% suffer mental health issues.

Orange County increased the number of emergency shelter beds from 2017 to 2019 by 1,390 beds in total.

The final report on the 2019 Point in Time count will be submitted to HUD on April 30. More information about the 2019 Point in Time count may be found at https://www.everyonecountsoc.org/.

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