Alumni Concert May 18 @ Plummer Auditorium

Scott Hedgecock, Fullerton High School choir director, is retiring this year after 30+ years of teaching.  He really helped to build the choral program into what it is today and so far we have over 100 alumni (Scott’s former students) signed up to sing in the concert in Plummer Auditorium on May 18th.

This concert is to say farewell and celebrate Scott as a friend and mentor to many people as well as act to raise funds for whomever will be taking over the program in the fall.  Scott wants to leave a strong program with a lot of support from the Fullerton High community for the next chapter in the school’s arts programs.

The alumni of the program will be at Scott’s final Fullerton High School Spring Choral Concert Friday night at 7pm at the Plummer Auditorum to sing the finale with the current students.  Then on Saturday, May 18th is the Alumni Concert also at the Plummer.

Tickets to attend each concert separately are $10. If you plan to attend both concerts the price is a combined $15. To purchase tickets visit

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