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Transformer Explosion at Edison Sub-Station Causes Power Outage Downtown

Around 10:30pm on Thursday June 6, a transformer at the Edison electrical power sub-station next to the Fullerton train station exploded several times and burst into flames, causing a massive temporary power outage in downtown Fullerton.

Firefighters and Edison employees work to put out the fire. Photo by Nima Kargar.

Fullerton fire, police, and Edison employees quickly responded to the scene and put the fire out. Residents of the nearby Soco Walk apartments were temporarily evacuated for safety reasons.

One resident who witnessed the event said there were a series of loud explosions followed by a large fire and smoke.

By around midnight, power had been re-routed and restored to downtown. Firefighters and Edison have yet to determine the cause of the explosion.

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  1. Oh, I see now…a 1% Upper Fullerton troll! Now it all makes more sense!

  2. Cause? How about ancient, rotting hardware that SCE is famous for? (Besides their outrageous rates) Called last night as their website was down,service rep was an idiot, said 10000 without power, but that was in San Berdoo! Argh! Worst utility in Calif.! “We can’t communicate with you via email.” Gad, Are these guys stuck in the 1980’s?

    • And the brilliant people in Sacramento want to make California 100% electrical by 2040. SB 100 already in effect, look it up shows the various time frame to make everything “renewable” . We gotta speak up to keep Natural Gas in California beyond 2040.

      • …and the off-topic Fossil Fuel Lobby trolls pop up in 24 hours……guys, you’re _so over_. Get on board or get out of the way.

      • Not a lobby troll.. just trying to protect my 6 figure career that I’ve earned …part of the climate solution 90% emissions reduction by tomorrow but you keep supporting that 100% reduction thought , dont cry when your electric rates increase 6 fold without natural gas.

  3. The outage was more widespread than just downtown. Just by following a thread on Facebook, we saw that it was all over Fullerton, including St. Jude Hospital. Our street in Raymond Hills was out, too.

  4. Thanks for the immediate notice–we wondered why the lights flickered several times at 10:30 pm last night. Thanks to all who rerouted power to maintain electrical service.