Restoration of “Ninos Del Mundo” Mural

Restoration began this week of the iconic “Ninos Del Mundo” mural painted in 1994 by famed Chicano artist Emigdio Vasquez and his son Higgy.

Higgy Vasquez works on restoration of the “Ninos Del Mundo” mural.

Back in May, Fullerton City Council voted to approve funding to restore the mural next to Lemon Park.

The restoration of “Ninos del Mundo” is being done by  Emigdio “Higgy” Vasquez Jr. and his wife Katherine Bowers.

Vazquez Jr. also submitted to the city a proposal for restoring all of the Lemon underpass murals, along with new signage along the overpass.

Council requested that the city’s Public Art Committee, under the direction of the Fullerton Museum Center, initiate a fund-raising campaign to restore murals and undertake other community art engagement opportunities at this location.

Katherine Bowers works on restoration of the mural.

“This has been loved by the community, and people were happy to see us out here,” Vasquez said, “I’m really happy to come back and restore these murals.”

“The minute we got here, as soon as we started working, everybody who went by stared thanking Higgy,” Bowers said, “We’re realizing how cherished this mural is.”


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  1. So glad to see these being restore drive by then daily. Thank you for you hard work on these hot days restoring our cities mural

  2. I visited the mural today, so awesome to see it being restored. Mr. Vasquez was cool and really great to explain about the history and tell the mural’s story. And yes, it was blazing hot out there. Thx for doing this mural!

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