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Sisters of St. Joseph Organize to Support Separated Families

On Thursday night, August 8, 30-35 people joined in a public witness act organized by the Sisters of St. Joseph in Orange in support of families who continue to be inhumanely separated at our border.  There was prayer for the children who have died and for these separated families before bearing witness with signs in support of these desperate families and children to the public along the streets of Batavia and La Veta.  There was much support from the public as they passed in their cars.

This event had its beginning at a recent demonstration by those in faith communities in Washington DC, where some were arrested.  Now throughout the summer and throughout the country, there are groups joining in public witness acts to support these inhumanely separated children and families, who are only seeking safety and asylum. The Sisters of St. Joseph are sponsoring one each Thursday from 6-7.