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Why is it Important to Support Local, Independent News?

This year, the Fullerton Observer celebrated 41 years of existence. Since 1978, it has been a small, family-owned operation staffed by local volunteers. The Observer is the only independent hometown paper remaining in Orange County with the others bought up by Freedom Communications years ago (now Digital First Media).

We do not have a parent company telling us what we can and cannot report. Each issue is 20 pages of real local news. Our duty is to our readers, to the community. We are the only news outlet that regularly does in-depth reporting on local government, community, and cultural events happening right here in Fullerton.

Our independence allows us to report truthfully on issues that affect our city—government, water, housing, homelessness, infrastructure, education, events and more!

Some highlights of the Observer include: City Council Notes, The Downtown Report, Young Observers, School Board Reports, Local History, Arts and Culture Calendar, Community Opinions, Hits & Misses Film Reviews, Our Town Crossword, Video Observer, and more!

We believe that an informed citizenry allows for a more vibrant, healthy, and engaged community. While so much news today focuses its attention on national issues and politics, we train our lens on what’s happening locally, filling a news vacuum that unfortunately exists in other communities.

The Observer is not a piece of junk mail tossed on lawns or ending up in the mailbox and then in the recycling bin. Readers actively choose to pick it up, subscribe for home delivery, or read it online.

Advertisers can reach an audience of over 10,000 interested local households through the Observer’s print issue and several thousand more through the website. Also each ad price includes a print ad and online version with link to the advertiser’s website.

Local business can advertise at very reasonable rates and those interested in signing up for home delivery can do that too at: www.fullertonobserver.com.

Thank you for supporting local journalism!

—The Fullerton Observer Team