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Photos from Bernie Sanders Rally in Santa Ana

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally at Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA on Friday morning, February 21. Here are some photos from the rally:


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  1. If he’s the Candidate I will support him 100% , but I really don’t want him as president. He’s like dump but flip side. Ones an Autocracy the other too far the otherside. Both yell scream angry white men!! Tired of 4 years of it don’t want 4 more. But definitely DEMOCRAT ELECTED!! He’ll NEVER get anywhere with his ideas happening. Local Colleges should be free like when I was in them, 70s, raise cost of living. Guns down! VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN ALL LOCAL POSITIONS PLEASE! IT IS THE TRUE WAY TO END THE HOLD UPS ON TURTLES DESK MOSCOW MITCH. BOTH HOUSES MIGHT HELP IF DUMP IS IN AGAIN. WE’LL IMPEACH AND ACTUALLY GET HIM OUT THAT WAY IF HE DEFEATS BERNIE IF HE’S CANDIDATE.