The Downtown Report (Mid May edition)

Drive by Shooting

With a camera, of course. Some of us are more cautious than others. This guy is staying on the cautious side, and with the unfortunate lack of shoppers and diners downtown, one can just pull over and park in order to take photos from across the street, safely inside a virus free air-conditioned car. And so it was. Well, I did later step out to match the vintage photo, but literally, nobody came by.

Spotlight on a Historic Block

The Amerige block is a historic stretch of buildings that has looked pretty much the same since it was built in stages from 1923-1925 by George Amerige, one of Fullerton’s Founding Fathers. One exception is the ever-changing signage. There was a time, think the 80s, when we actually had to modify the Central Business District signage regulations in order to allow for creative, eye catching signs that were needed to attract business. Even after accomplishing that, for some time the entire block had the same green awning. But now the individual shops and restaurants stand out, as does the original, unique glazed tile facade on the front of each one.

Which Ones Are Open Right Now?

As of this writing, all of those pictured below who offer food and drinks were open for online/phone orders. Check with each place for takeout and delivery options. Roadkill Ranch was open for appointment-only shopping, but hooray. They are now open, as you may know. Now, more than ever, Shop Fullerton First is a very important guideline. It will help our favorite downtown restaurants and retailers get through this. Hopefully, we will soon be able to go to all of our favorite places. If not, we will highlight a different area of downtown next time.

Chicana Vegana: 113 East Commonwealth Ave. 1 714-401-5287.

Let it Brie Cheese Shop: 117 E Commonwealth Ave. (714) 519-3094.

The Poke Co. 115 E Commonwealth Ave. (714) 519-3999.

Vino Nostra: 123 E Commonwealth Ave. (714) 278-1023.

Roadkill Ranch: 119 E Commonwealth Ave. (714) 773-1156.

Fullerton Loves Food

We mentioned a few who have put together info that you can use to find places who are managing to do business with take-out or delivery services, and if you have not heard of Fullerton Loves Food, you should check it out soon on Facebook. They have vowed to choose one restaurant, one day a week (a weekend date may be coming up, too) where people will order food, which will “allow them [the restaurants] to maximize their use of overhead and increase their actual income.” Last week they spotlighted Angelo’s and Vinci’s with a 3pm to 8pm event. A&Vs offers DoorDash or pickup and if you are like many, or most, you have been missing their food, which has been served up to all of us since 1971. Well, all of us old enough to be around then, ha. Connect with them and other downtown businesses—our local business community needs our help.

Now Open

Record stores, bookstores, florists, music stores, are all open along with clothing stores, toy stores, and sporting goods stores. Many can be found downtown, of course, and it’s so amazing to see things spring to life after all they have gone through. All over Fullerton there is a sense that slowly but surely, we will be OK. Things may never be the same, some very good changes will be made, and we still don’t know what the future will bring but we’ll all do our best.

What to Expect

We know things will be different when we finally experience the re-opening of all our downtown businesses. Offices will look different. Banks will too. Retailers will still have guidelines and everyone will be more aware of distancing, sanitation measures, and so much more. For our restaurants, with occupancy restrictions, there may be more curbside and outdoor dining efforts. The city of Fullerton is looking for ways to help our businesses reopen and recover. All of us can help too; our refrain is now more important than ever—as much as possible, Shop Fullerton First.

Photo Quiz

New in town, what street is this on?

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