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Twenty-Six People Died Homeless in Orange County in August 2020

According to the Orange County Coroner’s Office, 27 people died “without fixed abode,” homeless, in Orange County in August, 2020. These are their names:

Cesar De La Rosa Garduno died on August 1st in Santa Ana

Milvia Schinaia died on August 2nd in Newport Beach

David Lindemuth died on August 2nd in Orange

Jorge Cervantes Garcia died on August 3rd in Orange

Jennifer Finney died on August 6th in Orange

Nathan Woodruff died on August 6th in Lake Forest

Derrick Golightly died on August 7th in Westminster

Scott Barnes died on August 8th in Anaheim

Angela Demyers died on August 11th in Anaheim

Michael Tutwiler died on August 12th in Anaheim

David Kim  died on August 12th in Fullerton

Rhonda Hodges died on August 16th in Fullerton

Shawn Ficquette died on August 17th in Costa Mesa

Ryan Villanueva died on August 18th in Anaheim

John Sisolak died on August 18th in Costa Mesa

Gustavo Gasper died on August 19th in Anaheim

Randall Powell died on August 20th in Santa Ana

Douglas Morentin died on August 24th in Santa Ana

Jeff Jerue died on August 24th in Laguna Niguel

Chase Christopher died on August 26th in Anaheim

Melvin Walker died on August 26th in Buena Park

Chela Long died on August 27th in Santa Ana

Danny McKrill died on August 27th in Anaheim

Jay Cox died on August 27th in Anaheim

Donald Muckleroy died on August 28th in Santa Ana

Austin Moore died on August 30th in Anaheim

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  1. My babygirl died but she was not homeless. Why would you attach my babygirl to this nonsense. Please remove Tymisha Gray from this homeless list. It’s very insensitive 😘

  2. john sisolak died on the 19th of august. he was trying to fight mental illness & get himself together so i would marry him someday. we loved each other very much, but never caught the right break to actual go through with it. i’ll miss him every day for the rest of me life because he loved me with the rest of his. so many others still need help. when you see a homeless person, dont look away, smile, ask them if you can help, treat them like people who need help…he would like that

  3. So heartbreaking. What did they die from? I’m sure there are measures that can be taken into action to make better living situations for these people. What are we doing as a community to help get these people back on their feet? How can we help?