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Rep. Kim Votes to Remove Rep. Greene from Committees

Representative Young Kim (R-CA) joined 10 other congressional Republicans and 219 Democrats on February 4 in voting to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her positions on the Budget Committee and the Education and Labor Committee in light of past comments Rep. Greene made and posted on social media.

During House debate on this vote, members of Congress described Rep. Greene’s “pattern of disturbing rhetoric” including encouraging violence against Speaker Pelosi, calling the Parkland and Sandy Hook mass shootings hoaxes, sharing a video featuring a Holocaust denier, and calling 9/11 a hoax.

Following her vote, Rep. Kim said, “Antisemitism, conspiracy theories and threats should never be part of our political discourse. This should not be tolerated by either party. I came to Congress to focus on policy issues that unite our country and improve the lives of my constituents in the 39th District. Comments like what we’ve seen from Rep. Greene make that more difficult and are not what the Republican Party stands for.”

Read her full statement HERE.

This vote comes at a time of uncertainty and debate about the future of the Republican Party with a second impeachment trial against former president Trump set to begin next week.

In a press conference following the vote, Rep. Greene said of former President Trump, “Republican voters support him still. The party is his.”

On January 13, Rep. Kim voted against impeachment of Trump, preferring instead to “censure” him for his role in inciting the Jan. 6 capitol insurrection.

Rep. Kim represents California’s 39th Congressional District, which includes Fullerton.

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  1. “… Rep. Greene said of former President Trump, “Republican voters support him still. The party is his.”

    Ms. Kim, it’s time to change your party if you really believe the this is not the face of the GOP. Wake up. This is who they ARE, this is what they DO. SWITCH PARTIES.

    “Here lies the body of the Republican Party.
    Corrupt, but generally speaking, Hearty.”

    -Apologies to A. Bierce