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Changes to Street Sweeping signs, days, and times coming to your area

Photo by Vince Buck

The Observer sent to the City Manager’s office an email inquiring about recently installed street sweeping signs and the tickets given to car owners, seemingly without notice. The Observer also asked for clarification of what tracts and zones means. The Assistant Analyst II, Anissa Livas, responded with these answers:

Q: When did enforcement begin again?

A: “The City Council adopted Resolution No. 2019-50 authorizing the Public Works Department to post these signs city-wide, it was on the September 17, 2019, Council meeting agenda. On April 5, 2021, our Police Department and parking enforcement contractor, SP+, began enforcing all parking laws including overnight and street sweeping in posted areas. There was a warning period that lasted for two weeks from March 21 to April 4, 2021, in which warning citations were issued.”

Q: How did you notify residents?

A: “The public was made aware of enforcement starting again via the City’s social media pages (both the City and Police Department pages), including Nextdoor, on our website, Community Newsletter, and during City Council meetings.

Q: What does Tract mean? The map shows the different “zones” in the city where street sweeping takes place each day. These zones are not the “tracts” that the signs refer to since there are signs for different sweeping times with each zone.

A: “The terms “tract” and “zone” have two different meanings.

A “zone” is an area that has been designated a day of the week to be swept. There are five zones, and they are identified in the map below.

A “tract” is a group of homes within a smaller defined neighborhood with limited entry or exits.”

“It is possible to have multiple tracts in a single zone. Some of the new signings will state “NO PARKING STREET SWEEPING this STREET” while other signs will read “NO PARKING STREET SWEEPING this TRACT” and some signs will state both as you pointed out earlier.

Instead of signposting each street within a tract, the entrance to the neighborhood may be posted as an alternative. Either way, the map on our website is the best way to determine when your street sweeping day is, and the posted signs are intended to help assess what time of day a residential area will be swept.”

“In addition, Public Works has confirmed with me that they did not change zones, and street sweeping days are the same. However, they did confirm that the time of day has changed on some streets. For example, if in the past a resident had street sweeping done on Tuesday morning, it may have recently shifted to Tuesday afternoon.”

Fullerton Police Department has confirmed that they have received all parking citation appeals and have authorized several appeals due to new signage.

Send emails and photos of the area(s) if your street sweeping days and signs have changed to ALivas@cityoffullerton.com. It could be a mistake that needs to be corrected and at a minimum, Livas can forward it to the Maintenance division to make them aware of it.

The Public Works Department is working on reaching out to the community by issuing letters of notice that new signage is going up in some residential areas.

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  1. I notice the change from Monday to Thursday this week. Since trash pick day in our neighborhood is on Friday, the trash cans will now be in the way of the street sweeper. Hey, I did not know the city has social media pages they somehow use for official notifications for the city. Guess I will, as most of the citizens will stay ignorant.

  2. My neighborhood (tract) has NO signs…….will we be notified when they are posted? When will we get them? We get swept on Fridays at totally different times!

  3. What about nurses and caregivers taking care of our patients in their homes?
    We cannot park in their driveways and are forced to park on the street HOW do we avoid getting a ticket being their for our patient?

  4. I hadn’t realized this law passed until they put signs up next to a elementary school. Why on earth would you schedule street sweeping during school pickup hours??? It’s so ridiculous!

    • Which elementary school? I will contact Public Works and the City Manager and let them know this obvious error.

  5. Why in the world didn’t the city use the Fullerton Observer town newspaper to get the word out? Very few residents look on the confusing city website or go to council meetings. I heard Senator Josh Newman contacted the city about this. Is that correct?

    • Sharon, you are correct. California State Senator Josh Newman received a parking ticket due to street sweeping times being changed on his street. Thank you for your comments.

    • The street sweeping times have changed for some streets. Catching many by surprise after having the times be the same for many years.

    • Twinka1 – Who looks at those signs after 20 years? The no-parking trash pickup from 9am-11am suddenly changed to afternoon hours – a time when everyone was accustomed for years to re-park their cars. It didn’t happen to me but I can see the problem. Seems city hall has forgotten how to communicate if you aren’t on its website or other social media.

      • I meant street sweeping – not trash pick up. Also I couldn’t findvany mention of the time changes on the city website.

    • They posted them at the entrances to entire communities, not individual streets. Nor did they send letters home or even attempt to contact people. We were all working at home still very much in a pandemic and they ticked everyone on our street. I personally had my wife who is a teacher at home working, I was working and we had the grandparents parked in front of our house and they went around to every household still working at home and gave them all tickets. It was a low blow. Now some streets don’t get cleaned at all by the schools because the street sweeper passes though when school is out. It’s not very well though out and feels like a way to increase ticket revenue.