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Chevron caps pipelines under Fullerton neighborhoods

Chevron has been seen cleaning and capping some pipelines running under neighborhoods in Fullerton. The encroachment permit for excavating within public rights-of-way was approved back in July. According to Public Works Director Meg McWade, Chevron said the scope of the project is to locate, excavate, and clean “out-of-service” pipelines within city limits. The most recent phase of the work took place on Malvern and Woods November 3.

Workers taking oil pipeline out of service.

The following are questions from The Observer and answers from Chevron concerning Fullerton’s pipelines:

Where is the pipeline repair?

Chevron has a single pipeline that traverses through Fullerton from west to east.

What is the purpose of this pipeline project?

100% displacement cleaning of the pipeline that will leave it hydrocarbon free.

How long will this project take?

Approximately 90 days from start to finish.

Why does Chevron need to repair the pipeline now?

Chevron places the utmost importance on the safety of the community as we continue to conduct operations according to all applicable safety guidelines.  This is a standard displacement procedure to remove the pipeline from service.

What type of pipeline is being repaired and what material/oil product does it contain?

It’s a steel petroleum products pipeline.

What assurances are there to guarantee that the pipeline won’t leak in the future?

After cleaning, the line will be filled with nitrogen, placing it out of service in accordance with the State Fire Marshal guidelines. There will be no residual product in the line.

Will the public be notified if contamination occurs?

In the unlikely event of a release, Chevron will make all the required notifications.

Will the property be restored to its original condition?


Has the city of Fullerton authorized this project?

Yes, a city of Fullerton encroachment permit was issued in July 2021 to allow excavation within the public rights-of-way per Fullerton City Standards and provide appropriate traffic control.