Free shoes and a Merry Christmas for all

The Leon Owens Foundation sponsors its annual Shoes for Kids Community Outreach program. Richman Elementary was selected this year.

The students and teachers were told that one student from each class would win a free pair of shoes for Christmas. Each student’s name was taken, shoe size was measured, and their preferred shoe color, gender, and classroom were recorded.

Students gathered in the multi-purpose room learn that everyone will be getting free Sketchers. Photo by Jere Greene.

On December 15, the classrooms were sent to the multi-event room by grade level. There Principal Kristin Holm announced that everyone was getting new Skechers tennis shoes along with a six-pack of socks, a McDonald’s free Happy Meal gift certificate along with a toy of their choice (donated by Frisbie Management), a personal bottle of hand sanitizer donated by Hugo Gutierrez of G & H Express Inc., and a backpack to carry everything.

Students line up to receive free shoes and other goodies. Photo by Jere Greene.

The teachers, who were as unaware of the secret change as the students, received teacher journals, Skechers gift cards from Skechers USA, plus Bourbon Street gift cards donated by Larry Houser and John Skehan.

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