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Save Sunrise Village: Planning Commission Hearing April 13

The second set of revised plans for The Pines at Sunrise Village at Euclid and Rosecrans has been submitted to the City.

It is currently on the Planning Commission calendar for WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13 at 6:30pm, in Council Chambers (303 W. Commonwealth Ave).

Please be sure to attend this meeting and show support for our ongoing efforts to revitalize this once thriving commercial center and not allow it to fall into the hands of a developer wishing to build 153 residential units.

As you may remember, the City Council did not approve the original 164 unit plan at the December meeting. With a belief the center could still be a valid neighborhood commercial site, councilmembers recommended the following to the developer:

* Fine-tune the plans

* Eliminate roof-top decks

* Preserve as much of the commercial space as possible

* Reduce the density

* Work on aesthetics to be more in sync with the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the recommendations by Council did little to alter the original proposal with the exception of reducing density by only 11 units at the site where the Red Cross was located turning that space into two retail/commercial units. Aside from some minor revisions, NO other changes of any great significance were made.

Our team continues to work closely with the existing businesses supporting all of our efforts to revitalize and retain Sunrise Village as a much-needed commercial site. We have also begun to reach out to other established businesses. We will continue to keep you informed.

We now have close to 1,500 signatures on our petition (both online and hard copy) supporting our revitalization efforts. If you have not already signed, please do so and share it with friends and neighbors:

On behalf of the Save Sunrise Village Team we wish to thank all of you for your continued support in helping save Sunrise Village.

Some businesses in Sunrise Village that could be displaced. Photo by Saskia Kennedy.

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