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‘Observing Fullerton’ Podcast Episode #6: Interview with Egleth Nuncci

In the sixth episode of “Observing Fullerton,” Urooj Naveed interviews Richman neighborhood community leader Egleth Nuncci who, along with other community leaders, recently completed a survey in which they asked hundreds of neighbors to share their concerns about their neighborhood. Nuncci discusses the findings of the survey and what plans exist as possible solutions.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify, RSS, or watch the interview on YouTube.

Community leader Egleth Nuncci and host Urooj Naveed. Photo by Adrian Meza.

Music was provided by Billy Yeager from Pacific Grove. If you would like to submit your own music, please submit to contact@fullertonobserver.com.

The “Observing Fullerton” podcast features headlines concerning the latest happenings in Fullerton followed by an interview/conversation on topics ranging from politics to education to small businesses to art and more. Urooj Naveed is the host and Adrian Meza is the editor.

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  1. Wow. I learned so much from this inspiring interview with Egleth Nuncci. Fantastic work. The audio podcast is super but I like the youtube version even more. Urooj is a great host.

    • Thank you for your supportive comment! I loved this interview because Egleth is an inspiring and energizing human, all of us can learn the importance of doing community work through her 🙂