‘Observing Fullerton’ Podcast Episode #8: A Tour of ModelMania

In the eighth episode of “Observing Fullerton,” the entire podcast team gets an exclusive tour of the ModelMania hobby shop at 232 W Commonwealth Ave. A fascinating combination of airplane, sci-fi, and science models are available for building.

The hobby shop carries history in the models. The owner of the store, Peter Magoski, is a retired aerospace engineer. Magoski worked on the Apollo 10 mission, the Endeavor space shuttle, and various other important aerospace projects. The store is run by Pete Magoski, his son Mike, and Emily Heller.

The store functions as a time portal because there are no devices (like smart phones) to be seen anywhere. Instead, there are tables to make models on, couches for casual conversations, and music and commentary by Emily and Mike in the background. For anyone who would love to get away from their small and large devices and talk to real humans, this store is the perfect destination.

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The video was edited by Jackson Henry. Podcast was edited by Adrian Meza and hosted by Urooj Naveed. Music was provided by Billy Yeager from Pacific Grove, if you would like to submit your own music, please submit your music to