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‘Observing Fullerton’ Episode #12: OC Board of Education Election

In the twelfth episode of “Observing Fullerton,” Urooj Naveed interviews Vivien Moreno, a writer for The Fullerton Observer who is our education correspondent. They discuss the Board of Education election that will be decided on June 7, who are the candidates, and what are the major issues at stake.

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This episode was hosted by Urooj Naved and edited by Jackson Henry.

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  1. Hmmm – that’s right – I wonder why she wasn’t charged with perjury and just with stealing signs? But I am not voting for Shaw who voted to waste $7 million in lawsuits against state mask mandates, etc. that could have gone to schools. Whoever wins will be up for re-election in two years. Hope someone good steps up.

  2. Great interview – really answered some confusion about what is happening with the Board of Education. Zenger is right about Chaffee supposedly moving to an apartment in the 5th district from her longtime home on the wealthy side of town so she could be eligible to run as a “resident” of the 5th district – but I believe her “crime” was that she was taking down signs pointing that out – calling her a carpetbagger. So it was not for taking down signs of her competitors in the race. Really hate to see the board ‘s (including incumbent Tim Shaw’s) bad decisions that wasted $7 million + of taxpayer money (that should have gone to schools) on lawsuits against the state mask mandate and anti-ethnic studies. Ridiculous! None of the candidates seem good. Wish someone would run for this office that I would like to vote for. For now I am just holding my nose and voting to stop the board from wasting more money on lawsuits against the state.

    • Incorrect. Marshall signed a voter registration form (under oath) that she lived in a crummy 60 year old condo in District 5. Nobody believed that. That would be a species of perjury.

  3. Vivien, you forgot to mention that Paulette Marshall faked an address to run for the city council in 2018. That’s a crime.

    You also forgot to mention that she was behind frivolous lawsuits to get rid of Shaw – who she couldn’t beat in a fair election. Hell, she couldn’t be Vicki Calhoun, either. Marshall didn’t go after the Democrat on the board who is also on the Tustin City Council, just to demonstrate her real lack of principle.

    You did mention that Paulette Marshall is a school teacher and that’s a fabrication. She is just a low grade lawyer with the megalomaniacal desire to get herself elected something, anything.

    And the interviewer trying to discount Shaw for “only” getting 35% of the vote in 2020 shows typical Observer bias. There were 4 or 5 candidates in that election. Nobody was going to get a majority. So, there.