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Lady Pool Sharks Rack ‘em up

Every week you’ll find an unlikely group around the billiards tables at Morningside of Fullerton retirement community. Ladies weren’t known to frequent pool halls back in the day, but now the half-dozen female residents chalk up their cue sticks and rack ‘em up for weekly games.

Morningside of Fullerton Lady Pool Sharks from left to right: Julia Reed, Bonnie Kerr, Alice Martinez, and Lilly Loo. Photo courtesy of Karen Yerena.

They don’t gamble, drink, or smoke, but they do bring bank shots, backspin, and English to their game.

The Lady Pool Sharks at Morningside say it’s a combination of fun and competitiveness that keep them coming to the tables. They range in age from their mid-70s to 90, and they’re so good they’ll give the men a run for their money.

As pool player Patty Shay leans over the table and lines up her shot – Clack! The balls scatter across the table.

She picked up the game a couple years ago and, compared to others, considers herself more of a minnow than a shark.

“It works my brain because I have to think about the shots, the angles and how to leave the cue ball,” Shay said. “It’s good for me. It takes time and patience, and it’s like music where you have to practice to be good.”

“Staying active and challenging yourself is important for seniors’ health,” added Dianna Smock, Fitness Manager at Morningside. “The social aspects of playing the game also benefit overall health and wellness.”

Once a year the retirement community holds a pool tournament, along with various other sports and games. The women’s 9-ball pool tournament recently ended with Lilly Loo crowned the champion.