Downtown Fullerton Fourth of July Bike Parade Photos

The annual Downtown Fullerton Fourth of July Bike Parade drew an estimated 1,100 friends, neighbors, and family members. They decked out their cycles in red, white, and blue. They hit the street and pedaled, skated, scooted, or just sat in electric carts making their way along a three-mile course heading east on Wilshire Ave. before doubling back to the the Downtown Plaza. Tim Johnson is the unofficial organizer of the event which has grown from just 37 bikes eight years ago to what it is now. All photos by Gaston Castellanos.

Left to right: Alia Scroggins, Bradley Stockstill, Juli Stockstill, and Caleb O’Neill.

Corona/Estrella Family of Fullerton.

Troop 1201 Fullerton led the color guard and pledge of allegiance at the start of the parade.

Valencia Family–Paco, Macie, and Shaney.

Left to right: Kari Thune, Jim Lace, Tim Johnson and Cristal Drake.