No to animal cruelty, yes to Chicana Vegana

Vegan eatery offers simple, delicious dishes

Trending in Fullerton over the past several years are women-owned businesses that embrace social causes.

Meet restaurateur Jasmine Hernandez and her 2-year-old eatery: Chicana Vegana. Vegana serves vegan food, and boycotts animal-cruelty in all its forms, especially when it comes to food. On a wall of the restaurant is a depiction of a female superhero saving scared pigs, chickens, and rabbits from a teeth-baring, hyper-focused butcher. None of that would matter if the food weren’t good. But it is.

I ordered the supreme El Classico Burrito, a street taco and a Mexgogi taco. The El Classico comes with a choice of protein. I went with asada and al pastor, which are actually soy substitutes with good taste and solid texture, and cilantro, guacamole, sour cream, onions, rice and beans, all washed down with horchata. Excelente!

Add a squeeze of lime and salsa drizzle to your tacos. On the latter, Vegana serves hot and mild. The hot has a decent kick, but ain’t fire. The mild, a green, tangy salsa, is a nice complement. I mixed them to get the benefits of both.

There are soy- and gluten-free options on food items, by the way.

I’m not a dessert guy, but locals rave about the tres leches. Other desserts are cakes—chocolate and carrot. Other main menu offerings are Mexican-style burgers, nachos, and signature fries.

It’s a miniature, packed place that seats perhaps a dozen. The servers look to this dusty dude like young, friendly, hipsters.

With all due respect, Brea, you can have your chains. Places like Chicana Vegana are part of what makes Fullerton special.

Chicana Vegana is located at 113 E. Commonwealth in Fullerton.

Visit or call 714-519-3380.

Commonwealth Ave view of Chicana Vegana. Photo by Tony Cheong.

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