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Happening This Week: July 11-17

Here are some events happening in and around Fullerton during the week of July 11-17:

Wednesday, July 13 

• Fullerton’s Certified Farmers Market (8:30am-12:30pm): Shop for farm fresh organic fruit, vegetables, food vendors & more. Fullerton Community Center. 340 W Commonwealth Ave. Support local farmers.

Image courtesy of City of Fullerton.

Thursday, July 14 

• Downtown City Plaza Market (4:30-8:30pm): Delicious food & live music to enjoy. Fullerton Museum Plaza. 125 E. Wilshire Ave. Musical performance by Darden.

• Concert at the Muckenthaler Feat. Sean Oliu (7:30-9:30pm): Sean Oliu is a soulful, country-twinged, singer-songwriter. He has worked with Rachel Platten and performed alongside Anthony Gonzalez. In 2018, he opened for LeAnn Rimes. $30 general, $20 student, $15 member. 1201 W Malvern Ave, Fullerton. To learn more call (714) 738-6595 or e-mail info@themuck.org.

Friday, July 15

Reefer Madness (8pm): Reefer Madness is a musical satire of the 1936 cult classic film. “Reefer” revolves around the misfortunes of Jimmy, a fresh-faced young high school lad who falls victim to Jack, an evil marijuana peddler. Scenes of debauchery and mayhem follow fast apace as Jimmy and his depraved new associates smoke, slink–and, of course, sing–along the path to inevitable catastrophe. Recommended for ages 17 and up. The Maverick Theater. 110 E. Walnut Avenue Suite B, Fullerton. $15-$30. For tickets visit www.mavericktheater.com or call (714) 526-7070.

Saturday, July 16

Panel and Pop-Up Sale: Wearable Art – a Catalyst for Conversation (11am-2pm): Panelists: 2Roses, Teri Brudnak, Swinda Reichelt, Greg Orloff, Emma Trask, Sherri Madison. Moderated by Lisa M. Berman. Throughout history jewelry has been used to convey non-verbal messages, whether marital status, social commentary, a celebration of notable events, or a direct political stance. Often wearable art has a more profound message than what initially meets the eye. The Muckenthaler Cultural Center. 1201 W Malvern Ave, Fullerton. To learn more call (714) 738-6595 or e-mail info@themuck.org.

Rights 4 Abortion Protest (2pm): Melanated Youth is hosting a pro-abortion/pro-choice protest at Fullerton City Hall, on July 16, at 2pm regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. Melanated Youth is a BI&POC youth-led coalition dedicated to mobilizing youth voices to fight against systematic oppression against marginalized identities. Follow them on Instagram @melanatedyouth.

Image courtesy of Melanated Youth.

• University Singers Australia Tour Preview Concert (3pm): The University Singers will be embarking on a tour of Australia from July 18 through August 1. Join them on July 16 for a tour send-off concert, where you can preview their repertoire and support the singers as they embark on this journey. Robert Istad, conductor. Ticket price: $15. To support the choir as a whole, email sierrarosefarquhar@csu.fullerton.edu. Please use subject “Australia Concert” Meng Concert Hall, Cal State University Fullerton. 800 N. State College Blvd.

Image courtesy of CSUF.

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