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‘Observing Fullerton’ Episode #20: Christian Esteban of JOYA Scholars

In the 20th episode of the Observing Fullerton podcast, Urooj sits down with Christian Esteban, the executive director of JOYA Scholars, a Fullerton-based nonprofit that prepares first-generation students for success in higher education. The UCI graduate has been on the JOYA Scholars staff for about five years, with two prior years of involvement. Additionally, Esteban is a husband and loving dog owner. Esteban discusses his story, information on first-generation students striving to reach their goals of higher education, and much more. More information can be found about JOYA Scholars through their web site: www.joyascholars.org.

Host Urooj Naveed and JOYA Scholars executive director Christian Esteban. Photo by Jackson Henry.

The Observing Fullerton podcast includes headlines concerning the latest happenings in Fullerton followed by an interview with a local person doing prominent work in the community ranging from the areas of politics to education to small businesses to art and more. This episode was hosted by Urooj Naveed. It was filmed and edited by Jackson Henry.

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