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Partnership Opportunity at The Hunt Library

The Hunt Library building, donated to the city of Fullerton in 1962, has been closed to the public since 2013. The Hunt is a special community landmark that is currently listed under the State and National Historic Resources. It is located at 201 S. Basque Ave.

The City of Fullerton has released a Request for Proposals seeking experienced organizations to partner together in its tenancy and operation. The eventual reopening of the library will provide a welcoming and creative space for the community as well as to offer program activities, events, and classes for all ages.

The general requirements of the Request for Proposals can also be found on the city of Fullerton website. Please note the City will also be taking into consideration financial strength. Here are some requirements:

• Experience managing a 10,000+ square ft. facility. Provide excellent property management of the facility.

• Meet the community identified interests through various means including possibly the provision of programming or services with a focus on literacy and a library portion.

• Explain how community needs will be addressed throughout the operation of the site.

• Cover costs to operate utilities, security guard service, and maintenance.

• Define and identify any needed capital repairs for the necessary services provided by the proposal.

• Demonstrate dedication to protect historical nature of building. No alterations to the exterior of the building will be permitted. Mitigation to vandalism required.

• Ensure that no additional buildings are added to the site.

• Provide a library-style feature that will be a prominent aspect of the facility and service. (City Library Staff Will Operate).

• Provide various community programming options for the City’s diverse population.

Professional questions regarding this request for proposals may be directed to the City. Site visits are offered to proposers when available. Please contact staff with serious inquiries and or questions at: City of Fullerton 303 W. Commonwealth Avenue Fullerton, (714) 738-6533. Visit  www.cityoffullerton.com.