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Angelo’s & Vinci’s bids Fullerton farewell

For direct link to the plans for Angelo’s & Vinci’s on the Fox block. Click Here

Frontier Real Estate held a meeting at the Fullerton Library Conference Center about their updated proposal on the “Fox Block” on October 12. About two years ago, City Council voted to enter into a exclusive negotiation agreement with Frontier to come up with a “public market style commercial development.”

Frontier is taking the existing Angelo’s & Vinci’s property and a couple of city-owned properties and tying them together to create the Fox Block. The Block will consist of restaurants, retail stores, an outdoor dining area with space for live entertainment, and a brewery. This will close the entrance to Ellis Place from Harbor Blvd and in turn make a cul-de-sac street on Ellis Pl. where the entrance will be from Pomona Ave.

The triangle parking lot north of Ellis Pl. will then be transformed into small shops (titled “Building 1” on the picture); Angelo’s (titled “Building 2” on the picture) will then be remodeled and still be two floors but will fit five small restaurants and two sit down restaurants, all of which will be on the first floor. The second floor will be a lounge area with a balcony.

In reference to Angelo’s closing, Tom Carpenter (Vice President of Acquisitions and Leasing at Frontier) said “She [Cynthia Peck, owner of Angelo’s] is retiring. We love that restaurant. I don’t think there is any other restaurant like it…the spirit of that [building] will stay. We are keeping the outer walls; we’re not making drastic changes to the outside, we are taking off some of the façade and cleaning up the property, but the building and the footprint and the spirit of the exterior will remain.”

Todd Huffman, Fox Theater Foundation director said, “Our group is excited about what we saw and it’s going to be a great addition to downtown Fullerton and a great compliment to the Fox Theater. It’s well-designed and looks like they matched the design of Fullerton College and Fullerton High School. We still need to see how the parking structure is going to work, but early indications look like it will be adequate.” He later said in reference to Angelo’s closing. “The reincarnation of Angelo’s and Vinci’s is going to be good; I think [Angelo’s founder] Steven Peck would have been proud.”

This will go to the Planning Commission by the end of this month and could be approved by City Council by the end of the year. Construction could start by the middle of next year and is expected to take 15-17 months.

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  1. I have a hard time imagining this not happening with all of the money invested in the project and all of the meetings that have taken place and are planned. Seems to be more of a question of when and not if.

  2. I picked up the phone and called. The woman who answered the phone said that the story was incorrect, and they are not closing. I noticed that no one from the restaurant was quoted regarding the plans or the timing – only the developer. A quote from the “retiring” owner would have been in order, or at least a reported attempt if no one would speak on the record. I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend that meeting tonight at 6:30pm.

  3. Oh No! We have enjoyed the amazing family atmosphere at your restaurant since we bought out first
    home on W. Malvern Ave in 1973. Many occasions were magically celebrated at your tables, from intimate
    dinners for 2 to large parties. The owner & perfect host Steven Peck, would stop by our gatherings to welcome us all and dote on the smallest of guests and guests of honor. He truly made his customers feel like ‘family’! A true gentleman. We consider our experiences living in Fullerton to be some of the best of our lifetimes!

  4. fuck the fox, no on who every tries to “save” it even fucking went there. A&V’s forever, just let Jerry try. i cant wait for every resturant or shop that tries to take a location there to fail

  5. This is heartbreaking news for me personally. I have so many wonderful memories of Angelo and Vincis dating back to when most of the building was Steven Pecks jazz studio. He graciously gifted several pairs of ballet shoes to my daughters struggling ballet studio in Orange. All the wonderful meals I shared with my family. There is no atmosphere and ambience anywhere that is comparable. The building needs to be saved intact as a city historical landmark. I have met with Cynthia on several occasions. I will not forget her grace and kindness.

  6. A&V will be greatly missed. Been there many times since the 80’s
    We had our wedding reception there 1990. We have many good memories with our kids, family and friends. Thank you for all the years you’ve shared with us.

  7. I have many memories with that building. My dad, Bill Blunk was manager of Spadra Market, he was manager of Penney Market with Lee Stonebarger before he & Vernon Moore bought The Village Market on Basque.

  8. Tom carpenter managed our plaza and sadly scammed us ! Karma will reach him sooner or later

  9. So sad! Our first date in 1988! I was just going to take my kids there to see where our love story started

  10. Sad to see it go. It always had a festive atmosphere especially around the holidays. We lived on the same block for 14 years, on the corner of Pomona and Ellis. A two minute walk to their take out, “Wappo’s”, for a slice of pizza or spaghetti with the best meatballs around. They will be missed.

    Glad to see Ellis turned into a cul de sac. However, this is going to be an even bigger nightmare for residents trying to leave for work when HS students are being dropped off and picked up. Perhaps a couple of FPD can block exits onto Pomona Ave and the entrance into Ellis Ln at Pomona Ave.

  11. Yet another landmark that made Fullerton (and Orange County) such a unique and special place to grow up in will be gone. Just sad.

  12. My sister just spoke with A & V on the phone and the woman who answered said NO they are not closing, not leaving! She was very firm about that. Made my day!

    • >He later said in reference to Angelo’s closing. “The reincarnation of Angelo’s and Vinci’s is going to be good; I >think [Angelo’s founder] Steven Peck would have been proud.”

      Way to bury the lede.

      WHAT is this “reincarnation of A&V” supposed to be? WHY didn’t the article mention it at all until the very end?

  13. First, congratulations on the owner for retiring. You really showed not just the city but the county as a whole on delivering a great business and making great food. Yes, Angelo’s was a great location in Fullerton for decades, and yes, we will all miss it, but look, maybe this project could actually be good. Let’s not go chasing the city down just yet, let’s give it time. It takes time to except something new.

    Live Long and Prosper , Cynthia.

  14. My husband asked me to marry him at A&V back in 1984. We also hosted a 90th birthday for my grandfather there. I have a lovely love bell to remember it by. Thanks for the memories!

  15. Oh no !!!!!!!! I thought Anaheim was the only place that didn’t save anything.
    They did save the packing house. And if this building can be preserved and keep the memories of the dance studio, Fox theater and at least some of the food😂😂😂 I guess it will be OK. Sad though.

  16. Anyone who wants to speak out about the upcoming construction for this project should attend the hearing being held Oct 26th @ 6:30 at the Fullerton City Council Chamber. They already had one meeting on Oct. 12th that wasn’t announced to the nearby residents.

  17. All folks who are “property developers” should burn in hell for their constant destruction of all that we love, and their favorite pastime of deleting history in favor of increasing profits… I hope one day, humanity will realize that this is just so damn wrong… Open your eyes to what is going on around you. Preservation is all that should matter.
    The job title of “Property Developer” should legally be changed to “The Destroyers of History, Culture, and Nature”. That would better reflect their impact on society. They are literal demons, in every aspect, here to spread evil and wreak havoc on our lives. Make it stop, please.

  18. So many memories here starting with dance lessons in the Steven Peck dance studio. In the restaurant – weddings, celebrations of lives, birthdays and Pop Warner footballs banquets. Dinner with family and my daughters favorite, pizza from the take out section. Three generations of memories. A&V’s is definitely a special gem in Fullerton. Enjoy retirement 😊

  19. Close down one of the many horrible crime infested bars in DTF instead! A&V is a staple in our house and will be tragically missed by three generations -The Fullertons.

  20. I’ve been to Angelo’s many times. I treated my 36 yr old son for dinner there around 3 weeks ago. He was blown away with the decor and food. Yes, this is a sad time to accept the changes. I hope changes/additions will bring in people/crowds who will accept and like the new/future eateries, bars, coffee shops. Life goes on let’s enjoy what we have and what is coming.

  21. My wife and I had our Wedding Reception there in 1994 and we have gone back nearly every year since for our anniversary. Cynthia was our coordinator.

    We will miss it.

  22. Maybe the worst news of recent memory. A&V’s has been a part of our lives forever. My wife’s aunt WORKED both danced and then worked there. Met her husband there. That’s how far back it goes. To this day, it’s the go to place for pizza in north OC, nothing compares. We are shocked. I’m glad and all you’re keeping the “spirit” of the place; unfortunately that clearly means NOT the pizza or the pasta. My god, first Orange Tree Deli in Orange goes, now this.

  23. very happy to have eaten here a number of times…ALWAYS fun…enjoy retirement!

  24. Please re-open somewhere else. This is so sad, the food is amazing.
    My kids grew up eating there and now my grand-children eat there.
    I’m so very sad 😭😭😭

  25. The end of an era, for sure. How many people had their first dates and other important events there? Thank you to the Peck family and all of the A&V’s family.

  26. What is the expected impact on the surrounding neighborhood? Is there discussion with Fullerton Union High School with student & teacher parking as well as school event parking? Some residents in the impacted area do not have driveways and depend on street parking. How will this flow of traffic impact our neighborhood?

    • I think a parking structure is in the plans, location TBD. My vote is to put it on the corner of Pomona and Chapman. It should be free for everyone. There should also be ONE designated pick-up/drop-off zone and it should be off Lemon.

  27. Thank you Cynthia Peck for many years of wonderful Italian dining and fun. I celebrated my 80th birthday in the banquet rooms and it was a marvelous affair with Ms. Peck the perfect host.