A presentation at City Planning October 26 shows plans for Angelo’s & Vinci’s

Angelo’s and Vinci’s new construction proposal

New construction proposal 2022

Last issue we wrote about Angelo’s and Vinci’s closing in preparation for the Fox Block Development. At the Planning Commission the applicant gave a short presentation and the public were able to comment.

Main project objectives:

• Expand the downtown activity and energy north of Chapman Ave

• Create an inclusive, family friendly environment that caters to all residents

• Provide ample outdoor space in the project design

• Be a gathering place for the local community and attract new visitors to downtown Fullerton

• Complement the historic Fox Theatre in terms of use and architecture

• Support walkability in the area

The Fox block will have: A total of 12 “Rodeo-Style” Restaurants, 7 of which will be in “Building 1” (now the triangle parking lot north of Angelo’s) and 5 will be inside “Building 2” (what is now Angelo’s). Building 1 will also have restrooms and a microbrewery. Along with the 5 restaurants in building 2, there will also be a common dinning area with a lounge area on the second floor with two bigger sit down restaurants. Connecting Building 1 and Building 2 will be a common courtyard area for outdoor dining with a stage featuring outside live entertainment.

The applicant will make pavement upgrades in the area up to $295,000 total (this will only include the pavement in between gutter line to gutter line, as the rest of the concrete work is the City’s responsibility).

Residents said they were concerned about noise, trash, and parking.

Justin, an Ellis Place homeowner said, “We already deal with noisy patrons well after they have closed, their car headlights are blasting in our windows and occasionally urinating on our lawn, my morning routine usually starts with picking up beer cans and food container trash…I know nothing I say will stop the development of the Fox Block, and I’m sure my family will enjoy the convenience of it and will probably support these businesses, I just ask that these points seriously be taken into consideration as part of the planning of the project”

Nicholas Krog, long time Angelo’s and Vinci’s patron, emailed the Fullerton Observer saying, “I will miss Angelo’s, and I understand the concerns of neighbors, but growing up in the Fullerton area there is nothing to do in downtown for someone who is under 21 years of age. The Fox Block will create an activity for kids, teens, and adults who don’t want to go clubbing. Something to do in the downtown area, something that has been missing in Fullerton.”

The commission also showed concerns on closure time. Commissioner Gambino said to the developer “I frown upon it being open to 2am. I think we talked about you being willing to limit your hours in the evening during the week to 10 o’clock for alcohol service and then on weekends to 11 o’clock. If you are open with that this is something I can get behind”

The changes to operating hours are: Building 2 will be open from 7am-1am. Building 1 along with the outdoor dinning will be open from 7am-10pm on weekdays and 7am to 11pm on weekends.

The Development was approved 5-0 and will now be headed to City Council on November 15th

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  1. Their plan is to close off Ellis Pl. access to Harbor Blvd. and create a drop-off zone instead. This will, unfortunately, cause a lot of congestion when you consider all of the traffic caused by the high school. The developers are clearly unfamiliar with the area. If they plan on building a parking structure they should be routing traffic in from Harbor Blvd., not Pomona and Ellis which are residential streets. Also, they fail to take into account all of the pedestrian traffic and congestion generated by the high school during drop off, pick up, and events at the stadium on Fridays and weeknights. Shame that the commission voted so hastily without doing their homework, they’re voting on things they haven’t properly researched.