Homecoming: Inside the Mosh Pit

This past weekend on October 22, 2022 was Homecoming for many schools in the Fullerton Joint Union High School District. While most students expected to take pictures at Hillcrest and head straight to school after eating dinner, they were met with pouring rains that still could not dampen the Homecoming spirit.

Most Homecoming dances lasted from 7-10, and the beginning of rain started at around 6:30 as the sky started to darken. At Troy High School’s Homecoming, the entrance was crowded with shivering students huddling under shared umbrellas in a line that stretched around the school. The dance continued to take place in the unsheltered quad, where a huge group of students crowded, forming a mosh pit and continued to dance despite the flooding rains from above.

The mosh pit was filled with students crowding around each other and dancing with barely any room to move. With students tripping over each other from the limited space and the slippery puddles underneath, junior Heta Mody from Troy High School describes what this experience was like for her. “Homecoming in the rain was an experience for sure. The overall vibe was different compared to last year because you were getting drenched and screaming with your friends having the time of your life.” Mody said.

“The mosh pit was definitely something else this year too. It was super packed and we had a lot of dance circles where people went in and did their own moves for the concert. It felt a little like a concert mosh because at times it was way too packed to be safe and a couple fell over and got hurt, but overall it was just a really fun time.”

The experience of being in this pit was unlike any other Homecoming dance. The rain from above coupled with the bright lights and blasting music created a whole new Homecoming effect for this year’s students that attended the dance. While some enjoyed this experience as something exciting and new, others thought it to be overwhelming. Junior Shanessa Winata from Troy High School stated that, “the mosh pit was really fun, but also really dangerous.” Winata said. “I rolled my ankle and it hurt so much.”

No matter the reactions from students, this Homecoming dance was definitely unique from other years and will stand to remain as a different experience for those in attendance.