Fullerton Water District

Status of Imported Water Supplies Northern California and Colorado River

The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) is the nation’s largest water supply provider serving 19 million people in six counties through 26 member agencies including Fullerton. Demetri Polyzos, of the MWD, spoke on the challenges of the imported water system. Fullerton gets about 30% of its water from MWD which imports it from both the Northern Sierra through the California State Water Project, and the Colorado River. Polyzos said California is experiencing “the driest three years since 1984.” The Colorado is at the lowest water condition ever. Storage area at lakes Mead and Powell are at the lowest levels ever.

“There will be insufficient supplies for portions of the service area that are dependent on the State Water Project alone,” Polyzos said. Fullerton is not part of that area but will be affected by the California water official order to cut usage from 15% to 5%. “There will be a region wide water reduction plan for 2023 coming up. The community can play a part by reducing water use,” Polyzos said. Committee member Shapiro noted that the mega drought “is exacerbated by climate change. Even when rains come it takes time to recover. We need to think ahead,” he said.