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Fullerton Union High alumni unite to remember

Joe Juarez, Fullerton Union High School Class of ‘43 originally from Fullerton now residing in Orange with daughter Terri, is 99 years. He was born on ranch property formerly owned by C. Stanley Chapman where Fullerton Municipal Courthouse now sits. Joe’s dad was a foreman on the ranch.

Joe Mejia, FUHS Class of ’45 is 97 was born in La Habra where he still resides with his wife, Francisca and daughter, Jenny’s family. In the early 40s Joe Juarez could walk to Fullerton HS from the ranch, but Joe Mejia needed a school bus from La Habra to Fullerton HS because La Habra High was not opened until 1954.

Both are approaching centenarian status and are capably fit of body, mind and memory, thanks to their personal health awareness and tender-loving care provided by their respective families. Both men participated in sports at Fullerton HS and are still active today as one takes daily walks and the other rides a bike. Both served their country during World War II and are proud of it.

Both knew of each other during their days at FUHS, but had not formally met until decades later last week at a local restaurant when they were brought together by their families to reminisce, recall and remember.

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  1. I used to live at what is called Compo Pomona….Would like more information on this as I was born there in 1953 and moved due to its impending demolition.